Here is a novel concept: Have trouble selling tickets, lower prices. [Joe Bucs Fan]



  1. Don says:

    Have trouble selling football tickets??….”Build a new stadium …..the location is terrible…..” quote from: Tampabay media and associates

  2. Gus says:

    If you saw the Bucs crowds this season, you saw a weird phenomenon: the corners of the upper deck (one is a family section) fairly full, while the better seats were entirely empty between the 20s in the top deck. Reminds me of the games at the Trop where the OF is full and the more expensive tickets between first and third were more sparsely populated. That just tells you that the ownership needs to go back to supply and demand principles. The Bucs discounting tickets for kids is pure genius. Maybe the normal people will reclaim the stadium from the drunks who took it over in the Bucs’ good years.

    Instead, the Rays blame stadium and stadium location. Do they discount for children? if not, they should.

    • Don says:

      a kid and his parents can go to a Rays game for as low as $8 ea., bring their own food and water, and park for free with 4 people….
      How much cheaper would you like?

      • Cork Gaines says:

        Everybody showed up when it was free and very few did when it was at those prices. So obviously it needs to be somewhere in-between. Fans spend more than just the cost of the ticket.

        • Don says:

          there are bums everywhere, and I don’t mean homeles people, they will show up for anything for FREE, If a person, family or a kid will not come to a game because it cost $8…..who needs that “customer”? goodwill?

          • JoeRaysFan says:

            Painful as it might be, I have to agree with Don. It’s just not that expensive, and it’s a whole night or afternoon of entertainment.

          • Gus says:

            The point is — every unsold ticket is a wasted opportunity. Especially when it comes to families — get them in there on discounted tickets, and they’ll pay you back three fold with concessions — plus you are building the seeds of the fanbase. The noticeable thing at Bucs games (as compared to Rays games) is that children are much more scarce at football games (cost and fan behavior being the two big negatives). Half price a kids ticket at the Trop and you will drive evven more kids into the building, which is what they really want to do (going the “Trop as a nightclub” route is entirelly the wrong direction).

        • Beth says:

          But obviously “free” isn’t a real option — and I think part of that big crowd was generated by the buzz for that game — in essence fans were challenged to show up and they did. Merely lowering the ticket price doesn’t create this same impetus to show up at any one game.

      • Andy says:

        * The free parking has some fairly severe restrictions. For the overwhelming majority of games its only the first 100 cars, meaning that if you get there early enough to get those spots you’re looking at a 6 hour affair. Ignoring the fact that people who work for a living can’t do this, even if they could the food they brought with them would be long gone/cold/spoiled etc. before first pitch. It really works out to a choice between free parking and bringing your food.

        One of the things that seldom gets reported when people talk about attendance is the fact that while attendance figures have remained stable, the Rays are getting a lot more money out of each ticket sold (maybe even twice as much) when you factor in the increased ticket/parking costs between 2008 and the present.

        • Andy says:

          And by definition, if they’re limiting it to 100 cars, its really a sham benefit. If I wanted to get a netbook for $99, sure I could wait outside Best Buy for a week before Thanksgiving and get one of the 6 they ship to my local store…That doesn’t mean I should consider that $99 a fair indication of what a netbook at Best Buy costs.

  3. Joe D. says:

    I park in the street for Rays games, 4-5 blocks away from the entrance of the parking lot it’s free, I’ve brought my own food, now my savings are off set by gas to and from Orlando area, and that I usually end up with lower infield box seats. But I can keep my ‘extra’ game day expenses fairly low if I choose at a Rays game. Bucs games are a different animal, one we’re talking sunday afternoons, never have to leave work early, but we’re also talking 2-3 times a Rays game price wise, I saved this year at bucs games because I bought secondary market tickets, still bucs games are pricy, Rays games not so much…

    • Beth says:

      You can also park at a downtown garage for $5, and take a shuttle bus that drops you at the entrance gate. And I agree – you can bring in your own food, which means you get better quality food for less money. Anyone who claims that the games are too expensive because you “have” to spend $15 to park and another $15 for a crappy hotdog and lousy beer is simply not recognizing the many alternatives.

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