The Rays are one of several teams interested in signing lefty reliever Brian Fuentes. Ken Rosenthal says Fuentes is looking for $5 million per season and a multi-year deal. The Rays can probably afford $5 million, but we can’t imagine they offer more than a one-year deal plus an option.

Some have speculated that the Rays may have an advantage over the other teams because they can offer Fuentes an opportunity to save games. That may be true, but only if the Rays are offering about the same amount of money. We would be shocked if Fuentes turned down significantly more money just so that he can pitch the 9th inning for a team that may contend over the 8th inning for a team that will contend.


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  1. a.j. says:

    I said last night that I'd like this move a lot!!! It would help out a huge problem we have currently-the 9th inning. Fuentes is a solid closer that racks up plenty of saves. Not always pretty, but pretty reliable! I'd predict a 7th-8th inning combo of Russell, McGee, Peralta. It's not necessarily elite but it's got enormous potential! I hope Friedman makes it happen!!!

  2. Don says:

    $5mil, multi year deal...isn't that what Benoit wanted, Don't tell me this guy would be better than him...NOW we have the Money?

  3. a.j. says:

    Don, I know what you're saying, but Fuentes does have closing experience, and its very good experience! Benoit would have been nice to keep but I'm sure Friedman was reserved to give him that much money to close for 3 years of uncertainty. I don't think they like relievers for more than two years unless they were to have a track record like Mo Rivera. I see Fuentes signing a 1-year/$5 mil with an option for a 2nd year for $6 mil. That way they can lockup this year's closer and if no one presents themselves (McGee) as a viable cheap option, they have their man for a 2nd year at a reasonable cost. I mean really think about it...if Benoit got almost $6 mil per year to setup, just think how much more he would've wanted to close here. He went to the first big deal he saw, and his agent knew no one else was gonna offer him that!

  4. Bring back MFIKY! I don't care the cost. Get it done now, STU!

  5. John says:

    I would not be happy with this move at all. Fuentes isn't much more than replacement level as a closer. He's a lefty Dan Wheeler. A lefty Dan Wheeler at $5M? Seriously? I'll pass If we didn't have the money for MFIKY or Benoit, why would we find it for a guy like Fuentes?

    Seems to me that this is the year to take a gamble on a young closer. If McGee proves he can do the job, we will have a nice, low cost closer for several years. (And considering closers are the most overvalued/overpaid members of a team, that would be a double-bonus.) And if he doesn't work out...well, we try again next year. Isn't that what this year is supposed to be for? Figuring out which of the young guys can do the job?


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