Stuart Sternberg spoke on a number of topics including Carl Crawford (“thrilled we and he were able to put him in a position to take care of his family for generations to come”), big money in free agency this year (“it’s discouraging”) and next year’s payroll (“It’s really a question of what’s out there”).


  • Carlos Pena had a letter thanking Rays fans published in today’s St. Pete Times. [The Heater]
  • No surprise here, but Andrew Friedman says Reid Brignac, Sean Rodriguez and Elliot Johnson will share middle-infield duties. [Twitter]
  • Adam Russell, one of the relievers the Rays received from the Padres for Jason Bartlett, is out of minor league options, so he will be in the Rays bullpen this season. [Twitter]
  • Marc Topkin says there is still a little money left “to make another signing or two on the low end” for the bullpen. [St. Pete Times]
  • The Rockies are interested in Grant Balfour, but don’t want to lose their first-round pick. [MLB Trade Rumors]
  • Mike Puma of the New York Post reports that the Mets have discussed pursuing Matt Garza, but Puma thinks he is too expensive for the Mets. [NY Post]
  • Anybody want to read an article by Tracy Ringolsby that begins: “Tampa Bay Rays fans deserve some sympthy…That is, if you can find any — Rays fans, that is.” [Fox Sports]
  • RotoProfessor looks at James Shields and whether he can rebound in 2011. [Rotoprofessor]
  • Arte Moreno says the Angels never made an offer to Carl Crawford. [WEEI]
  • Rough loss for the Bucs yesterday. Joe has all the coverage you need. [Joe Bucs Fan]




  1. Tone says:

    In regards to that moronic Fox article, Sternberg seems more than content to not only let this dribble happen, he probably encourages it. So even though the people that write garbage like that suck, they are just following the narrative provided by Stu and MLB. I am done letting it bother me. Carlos Pena is going to be missed, bombs and scoops like his are not easy to come by. Hopefully this team can defy odds and stick it to all the conventional wisdom like they did in 08'.

  2. Charles says:

    At least we dodged the Guillermo Mota fiasco - he signed with the Giants.

  3. Don says:

    Hey Stuie... I think you lost your mind....the ONLY thing you have done for Carl Crawford was not to offer him a deal for say $80 mil about a year ago... he probably would have went for it before 2010 season...
    So really you MADE him $60 mil for your being stupid.....
    Stuie says CC hasn't called him...well gee... maybe its because you NEVER called Carl when he worked for you....NO communication on staying here.
    Now Carlos ought to thank you for the contract you gave him...almost as much as CC for a guy who can't hit .200....Carlos better send Stuie a Xmas or Hanukka card or whatever for his generosity and he can send the Cubs one next year for their stupidity!

  4. Jim says:

    Best of luck in Chicago, Carlos, you were a class act.

  5. Gus says:

    I think Crawford was justifiably disappointed that the Rays never made the effort to sign him. After the 2008 season, where his stats were depressed because of the freak hand injury would have been the time to go extend Crawford (or at least attempt to). Instead they spent $16M on that steroid freak Pat Burrell -- and thus tied their tight-fisted hands forever. Don is right-- CC cashed in precisely because the Rays were cheap and he played 2010 with a vengence ship on his shoulder.

    Not ever attempting to re-sign Pena when he could have been had in the same off-season as CC leaving sends a very bad message. You be a good Ray and they won't even try to pay you.

    As a side note -- the Bucs attendance yesterday was every bit as embarassing than the Monday night Orioles-Rays debacle this year. But you'll see more and more of it. Tampa Bay is just the canary in the coal mine. Sports has killed its golden goose -- loyal season ticket holders --- in most of its markets.

    • Don says:

      Aj know what I think is ironic (actually funny) many morons fans, owners,players and officials want to see the Rays move to Hillbilly co.
      Their hockey team is 2nd to last in attendance, the football stadium (8times a year) is 1/2 full...and you want to move another ML sports franchise to who is STUPID...go figure!

  6. a.j. says:

    Pena was always a classy guy, and for that, I thank him. But Leslie Anderson will put up a much higher BA and hopefully knock out around 20 HR, so the bat of Carlos won't be terribly missed. I know everyone keeps saying we're gonna be bad, but if we can pick up two quality relievers, we'll actually be in pretty decent shape, I think. Joyce will get the opportunity to play everyday, Brignac too, same with Rodriguez, and Jaso will have all offseason to continue to improve his defensive skills (we already know he can hit). Let's re-sign Balfour and try to sign Rauch...and then see if we can't surprise some people. I'm not as worried about protecting Longo, although it'd be nice...he went all of last year without anyone protecting him and did just fine. Anyone disagree?

  7. Razzlegator says:

    How can this Ringolsby be taken seriously? CC plays centerfield? Not for us he didn't. His picture tells me he wasn't even picked last in pe, he wasn't picked at all.

  8. Gus says:

    Ringolsby is heading into Murray Chass territory. He got laid off as a beat man when his paper folded and now he hangs around on Fox sports some. Don't pay him any mind.

  9. a.j. says:

    It's called an awful economy Don! And someone posted the other day that they'd like you to stop posting! I understand why now! You seem to hate the Rays! If that's the case, why do you come on this website 5 times a day?! St. Pete seemingly wants nothing to do with a new stadium...when Stu wanted to put up a beautiful waterfront stadium in St. Pete, all I heard from the locals was how stupid of an idea it was that they wanted to do it! They complained about the thought of it instead of being impressed like everyone else was. Tampa has always been a baseball town. St. Pete is an old fogy town where half the town is in bed by 8! I'm sure you'll post how wrong I am, but that's fine...many people are like myself...they don't like your negativity towards the Rays! Go be a Red Sox fan!

    • Gus says:

      So the awful economy is only an excuse for Tampa but not for the "old fogy" (sic) town. Pinellas and St. Pete want the Rays to hold up their end of the bargain --- fulfill the lease that they signed to play in the stadium so that the community may see the proper return on its investment. You don't build new stadiums 10 years after they are built. That is complete bull. More importantly, the people who live here know that a/c is important part of the baseball experience. It is hot as hell here from May 1 through October 15. For a bunch of northerners to come into our state and bully their way around so cluelessly, of course it alienated people.

      Trop is fine. Spend the revenue sharing and give the people a well-spent $70M payrollconsistently and you'll draw north of 2.0M in Pinellas. Tampa people are all hat, no cattle when it comes to baseball. They've spent their tax dollars financing the Glazers yard and Steninbrenner's spring palace (the revenues from which hurt the local team trying to compete with them). Talk to me in 2028 when the lease expires.

  10. a.j. says:

    Gus- The Trop sucks! I agree we have to have some type of dome...preferably retractable. But the Trop is most certainly not fine! Btw, the building over 20 years old...not old, but its not a baseball friendly arena. The catwalks are a joke! Baseball was meant to be played outside...and in case you didn't notice, it's hot everywhere during the summer...sure, the humidity sucks, but on days that it's unbearable, you close the roof! The Trop won't be used in the next 10 years...mark my words. If we don't build a new stadium, the team will leave...then we'll have no one to blame but ourselves!

  11. Bye Carlos, that was really classy, I wish I heard about more players doing what you just did. :'(

  12. As for the Fox article, what bs.

  13. Don says:

    Gee Aj where do I are the "ultimate media re-hasher"...
    You repeat things you read and hear ...NOT things you experience.
    Here..... repeat this over and over in you small mind...
    The Trop is one of the BEST stadiums in baseball to watch a game in Florida in the summer...don't believe me... ask someone actually at the games because you don't go...I'll bet on it!
    "I hate the Rays because I constantly tell them what they are doing.... or thinking about doing... is WRONG".....You sound like a 13yr daughter who hates her father because he doesn't want her out past midnight...
    But anyway.....try to grasp why people (me) present logical explanations to do things.... or not do things.... based on my experience....
    You are obviously from Tampa so this will be a hard thought process but TRY!

  14. a.j. says:

    Apparently you can tell if I go to games just by what I post...actually I went to 12 games this year to be exact...I'm not a season ticket holder, but I'm willing to bet you're not either...but then again, I shouldn't assume just by what you post! I played 4 years of college baseball and have spent all but 2 years of my life in Florida! The game is meant to be played outside...not with catwalks! If you actually like the fact that a ball can strike something inside and still be in play, then you're flat out lying! And just so you know, my thoughts don't come from what I read...I actually know a couple of executives and scouts within baseball, and also players...they all say the same's a bit of a joke of a stadium compared to the rest of major league baseball! You want to say its the best one in Florida to watch a game?! There's only two teams!!! The rest are minor league stadiums, which a couple of them are even nicer to enjoy a game than the Trop! I'll still go to as many games as possible no matter where the stadium is...I'm just of the OPINION that more people would go to the games if it were centrally located in Tampa, where we could still draw people from the Sarasota/bradenton area and also the Orlando region. MLB has already said that we won't get an all-star game while we're in the Trop...don't you wanna see one of those be hosted here? That'd bring a ton of money to our region, and it's one of the most fun experiences in all of sports! Now, is there anything else you want to assume about me from reading my posts? Maybe you can tell me my favorite color next! Understand that I'm a true Rays fan! I'll root for them when times are bad just like I did when Naimoli was in charge...I don't care if the stadium stays in St. Pete...I just want them to stay and see them in a new, retractable roof stadium where we can enjoy watching the game of baseball played the way it was meant to be occasionally...outside!

    • Don says:

      As they say in the used car business...."THere's a ass for every seat"
      You can go to all the minor league/amateur games "outside" you want...
      being from Florida you will enjoy the red hot sun expierence....
      Be and by buddies will be inside the Trop (72 degrees) in Aug enjoying ice cold Bud...watching the "kids" trying to beat the pros!

  15. Gus says:

    AJ: When your County father's pony up $575M for your dream retractable dome, we'll gladly attend. That won't be for another 15 years (until they pay off the Yankees, Bucs and Lightning facilities) anyway, so enjoy the Trop for now: it is almost paid for anyway.

    Baseball is meant to be played outside -- but in the subtropics, they play it during the nice months (October-March). So unless you want the Rays to be playing in the Carribean League, you'll need a/c.

    For a depressed area like Tampa Bay, we should learn to embrace the Trop. We won't be watching major league baseball anywhere else for the next 15 years, like it or not.

  16. a.j. says:

    I have faith they'll get a new stadium figured out in the next 2 probably won't be built for another 5-7...pardon me for wanting to see a new stadium for our team! One of the factors, which there were many, as to why Crawford left was our crappy dome...the playing surface is not conducive to his style of play. I'd be fine with the Trop if they were to somehow figure out a way to get rid of the friggin catwalks and make the roof retractable! We have to make our field grass...somehow! It's the way the game was meant to be played. If we don't get a new stadium figured out soon, you can bet Stu and his boys will be looking to relocate! The only game being played in the Trop will be the Beef O'clock Brady's Bowl!

  17. a.j. says:

    So Don...are you saying you won't go to games if our new stadium was an outdoor one? Retractable roof stadiums usually have some sort of a/c unit in people like you that live in Florida so you can stay inside in the a/c instead of enjoying the reason that everyone visits, can enjoy a baseball game! And again I'll say...I'll be at the games as often as I can be if they stay in St. Pete...I love Ferg's-that place is awesome! But we live in the sunshine state, and never get to enjoy it while in the Trop! I know it's hot, and the rain sucks during the summer, but that's why it will without a doubt be retractable! I hope to see you there with your uppity spirit that you clearly have! Lol


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