Bruce Levine reports that the Cubs and Rays are still talking about a possible trade that would send Matt Garza to the Northside of Chicago. Levine previously reported that the Rays are looking for a future shortstop. But this time he adds that the Rays are also looking for a catcher that can be ready for the big leagues “in the next couple of seasons.”

Levine says Robinson Chirinos, a catcher that split the 2010 season between double-A and triple-A is a good bet to be part of any potential package. In 92 games, he hit .326 with a .416 OBP, 18 home runs and an outstanding 43-to-44 strikeout-to-walk ratio. Chirinos has posted an OBP of at least .394 each of the last three seasons.


  • Hey look! A national writer says the Rays may still be the best team in the AL East. Even we won’t go that far, but we can make a very strong case that the Rays are as good as the Yankees with their pitching problems. [Fox Sports]
  • Here is the free agency menu the Rays are most likely shopping from. See anything you like? []
  • Joaquin Benoit is JP Howell’s new idol. We assume Benoit replaces Spicoli. []
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  • Tony Lee of says the Rays are the one team most in need of a new stadium. [NESN]
  • Rob Neyer argues that the Rays don’t necessarily need a new stadium. [ESPN]




  1. a.j. says:

    Still not sold on any Garza deal til July at the earliest. Looking at that FA bargain shopping list, I still like Rauch for our pen...and Frasor wouldn't be bad either, if we can't get Balfour back. Rauch would give us an underrated, serviceable closer/setup man. And we wouldn't have to break the bank for him either. Also, from the list, Damon is the only hitter worth grabbing. Thames could be good against lefties, but if Dan Johnson struggles, then we're screwed against righties! Damon gives us a full-time DH that can play 15 games in CF and 35 in LF to help give guys some extra rest. I really think Damon is the most logical choice out there offensively for us.

  2. phil says:

    Frasor is with the blue jays according to their website...agree with Damon because he can DH and mentor the kids. Thames would give them a right handed bat who would hit better that Justin Ruggino ...prefer to move one of the 6 starters (Niemman) to the closers role ..need a dominant closer to win in the AL east.

  3. a.j. says:

    I didn't think Frasor was available, but was going off that article. Why put our #3 pitcher in the pen?! I can't figure out what some of you people are thinking!!!

  4. Jason W says:

    In a potential Garza deal it's Brett Jackson or bust!

  5. John says:

    Marcus Thames, damn it! Though that Gabe Kapler guy looks interesting...


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