Ken Rosenthal takes a look at Grant Balfour’s situation and says it is only a small chance that he returns to the Rays.

Even though Balfour is a Type A free agent, Rosenthal notes that there are only nine teams that would lose a first-round pick for signing The Mad Australian. The top 15 picks are protected and several teams have already lost their first round pick by signing other Type A free agents.

As a result, Rosenthal believes Balfour will eventually land a multi-year contract with another team, his reason for declining the offer of arbitration from the Rays.


  • It took Carl Crawford to reach out to the Rays and say “good bye” or “thank you,” but he finally bought them lunch, having Lee Roy Selmon’s delivered late last week. Roger Mooney also notes that Crawford still hasn’t mentioned or thanked Rays fans. We’re not holding our breath. We won’t bore you with the details, but based on our own experience, it does not surprise us in the least. One word: Bitter. [Rays Report]
  • The Rays were reportedly one of three teams interested in Octavio Dotel, but now it appears he will sign with the Blue Jays. [MLB Trade Rumors]
  • Alden Gonzalez says dealing Matt Garza is the best move for the Rays. [MLB]
  • Marc Topkin assesses the roster and where it stands right now. []
  • Dave Eiland, who was recently hired by the Rays to work in the front office, did a radio interview in which he sounds pretty bitter towards the Yankees for firing him. [ESPN New York]
  • On the other hand, Dave Eiland is excited to be joining the Rays. [The Heater]
  • Ken Davidoff lists the nine teams that the Rays are rooting for Rafael Soriano to sign with. The lists is composed of teams not in the AL East and whose first-round pick is not protected. [Newsday]
  • Is Evan Longoria the most overrated player in baseball? [Splice Today]




  1. Beth says:

    Could you please elaborate on the Crawford thing? Who exactly is bitter towards whom?

  2. DRB says:

    Didn't you know you were supposed to waste thousands of dollars on a full-page thank you ad for CC in the paper, not the other way around...

  3. a.j. says:

    I think Crawford has been bitter towards the Rays. He wasn't a fan of Maddon, it didn't seem. I thought the eye-popping part of this news stream was the guy who think Longo is overrated! I don't recall anyone saying he's the best player, but this guy apparently has. Evan is in the top 15 I think, but this guy evidently has never taken a look at what a total ballplayer looks like! He seems to think Longo's an average one at best. I hope Longo hits .310 with 35 HR and drives in 130, just to shut this guy up! I hate ignorance!

  4. Derek says:

    That Evan piece is a joke. No mention of the 46 doubles? How about the 15 steals. Lets not forget how he lowered his strikeout rate for the third year in a row. lol he didnt even hit three hundred!!! ill take .294. I cant remember who it was, Dave Cameron maybe. He said the drop in home runs might have something to do with Evan trying not to bulk up, so that he can still be one of the best defensive 3rd basemen in the game. I dont know, nor do I really care. He can complain about attendance all he wants, as long as he still wins ballgames.

  5. "Why do you think anyone will read SpliceToday?

    Because we don't assume our readers are brain-dead morons. Most of Splice Today's writers were born after the death of Bob Marley, have hazy recollections of the Berlin Wall falling, and never use the work "snark" in a sentence."

    However, our writers are brain-dead morons. LOL Sounds like a bitter Red Sox fan. Those dooshes really hate Longo.

  6. And as for Crawford, I have a funny feeling we're going to hear a lot more about what he thought about the Rays and their fans during his AL East tour this year. Don't think for a minute that the Boston media is going to let him get away with the quiet treatment when the Rays and Red Sox face up. It's the price he has to pay to get paid like that.

    I also suspect Rays fans are going to like him a lot less by this time next year.

    • Beth says:

      Well, I'll get my #13 shirt reading for burning, then.

      • I don't hate the guy. In fact, I applaud him for getting paid. But I'm also under no illusions that his time with the Rays won't be relegated to a footnote in his career if he lives up to the contract w/ Sox. It's sad because he will always be one of the first *great* Rays players... but he'll probably always be remembered wearing red if he does well in NE>

  7. Don says:

    Roger Mooney...WHO?
    What the hell does CC have to be bitter about, esp. with the fans??? If I remember right we had two young players bitching about the fans and their not coming to see them play!
    Did you hear one word from Carl about fan loyality?? I'll answer...NO!
    The only thing Stuie has to regret was not offering CC a fair contract when he could have signed he will pay the price for years...everytime the play the Red Sox...
    Also ask Stuie how many times HE called Carl... when Carl was working (playing) for him to discuss staying a Ray...I'll answer...None
    Well Stuie.... congratulations now you can make a few more dollars on your investment....and we can watch amateurs!


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