Bruce Levine ESPN Chicago held a chat yesterday in which he said “[Matt] Garza is the guy [the Cubs] are after.” He later added that the Cubs are also interested in Fausto Carmona from the Indians, but that Garza is the more pitcher to be acquired in a trade.

What is interesting here is that the Cubs still think they have a shot at Garza. So while the Rays insist they don’t like the offers that are out there, the Cubs must feel they are at least close enough to keep the talks alive.

Levine insists the deal is not dead and that the Cubs have Garza at the top of their wishlist. He goes on to say that the Cubs “are going to be in it all the way.”

The biggest problem with this matchup is that most believe the Cubs don’t have the prospects to get the deal done. Levine says the Rays will insist on Hak-Ju Lee in the deal. Lee is a 19-year old shortstop that hit .282 with a .354 OBP at single-A this past season.

The Cubs may have to work out a second deal with a third team in order to add a prospect or two to the deal. If that happens, Garza could be gone sooner rather than later.


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  1. a.j. says:

    We just picked up a shortstop from San Diego in a this doesn't make any sense to me. I could see Garza in a deal with KC for Moustakas or Hosmer, or Texas for a few of their top guys, or even Pittsburgh of we were to get Alvarez...but the Cubs don't seem to have anything close to what it'd take. We need an impact bat and a couple arms to make it happen, and the Cubs have only one guy that we might have interest in-Cashner. Other than that, they gotta get someone else involved. I really don't see a deal for Garza going down unless we get blown away.

  2. wes says:

    Hold up on the Garza trade talk! Elite starting pitchers are scarce. Very few will come on the market in the next two years and Garza's value will only increase. By spring training several teams will be panicking as they realize what they have. Garza can slot in as a two on almost any staff. Gm's will be able to save their jobs and their teams' hopes with Garza! The fact that a few teams have built and bought staffs with multiple aces has only strengthened our position. I salivate at what our minor league teams will look like in 2012.
    Obviously i have come to accept what is happening to my Rays. I have gone through the mourning process already and have moved on to accepting what is to come. I will watch with pride next season as our beloved bullpen shines throughout the league and i will miss Los and Carl. I wait with anticipation to the coming waves of talent coming our way as we rightly sell of when we can gain maximum return. Unfortunately by spring training Shieldsy may bring too tempting a player to pass up as well. It was a great team. The 2008-2010 Rays will go down in history as a team that stocked the rest of baseball with great players!

  3. Jason W says:

    The Cubs have enough to make a deal, they just don't want to include it all in a deal. I have read that they don't want to include Brett Jackson in a deal and he needs to be included. It might require both Jackson and Hak Ju Lee. That and maybe a few other prospects. I read maybe a catcher named Chrinos might be included in a deal. I actually think of the teams asking about Garza, the Cubs may be the best match if they pony up both Jackson and Lee.

  4. Justin H says:

    brett jackson has to be the centerpiece of this trade or there will be no deal, just have to see if the Cubs want Garza that badly.

  5. The BIZ says:


    Whats the chances the Rays sign Casey Kotchman. Hes got that "buy low upside and very good defense type of ray" signing; written all over him.


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