Yesterday we argued that Carl Crawford’s price went up with Jayson Werth’s new contract. Jayson Stark takes the contrarian view. He argues that if Crawford’s price has gone up, then his options have gone down. In fact, Stark argues that Crawford’s options may now be limited to just the Yankees.

We’re not sure. First of all, Stark bases his argument on Crawford demanding eight years and $180 million. We don’t see it going that high. Also, Stark seems a little too quick to dismiss teams like the Red Sox, Rangers and Tigers. All these teams have spent big money in the past. And just because they don’t usually spend this much, doesn’t mean they won’t be willing to go that far this time.

If Crawford does want $180 million, then he better hope the Yankees are really interested. But if the price is just $144 million, then there is no reason to think the others teams are no longer interested.


  • Marc Topkin reports that the Rays have signed Dan Johnson to a one-year deal for “about $1 million,” avoiding arbitration. [Twitter]
  • Marc Topkin also reports that Andrew Friedman is optimistic the Rays will sign JP Howell this week. [Twitter]
  • Dejan Kovacevic of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette speculates the Pirates will take Aneury Rodriguez with the first pick in Thursday’s Rule 5 draft. Rodriguez is the minor league pitcher the Rays received for Jason Hammel. [Post-Gazette]
  • Ken Rosenthal speculates that the Red Sox are more likely to trade for an outfielder than give Carl Crawford such a big contract. [MLB Buzz]
  • Mike DiGiovanna of the LA Times says the Angels were hoping to sign Carl Crawford for about $90 million. [LA Times]
  • Our old friend Brittany Ghiroli says the Orioles are still interested in Carlos Pena, but that right now the price is too high. [Twitter]
  • Gordon Edes adds Toronto to the Carlos Pena mix. [Twitter]
  • And Bruce Levine says Carlos Pena’s agent met with the Cubs yesterday. [ESPN Chicago]
  • Meanwhile, Jayson Stark says the Padres need a shortstop, but they are not willing to trade Heath Bell for Jason Bartlett. Stark adds that the Rays do like some of the Padres’ middle relievers. [Twitter]
  • Steve Phillips reports that four teams have shown interest in Dan Wheeler, including the Diamondbacks, Cubs, Red Sox and Mets. [Fanhouse]




  1. Tone says:

    Will they just let Aneury go? Seems like a waste. Could a potential trade in the next few days be a solution or is it even possible to take him out of the draft at this point? I know nothing of these rules.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      The deadline to protect minor leaguers with 5 years experience was 2 weeks ago. To protect Rodriguez, the Rays would have needed to add him to the 40man roster (big league roster plus top 15 minor leaguers, roughly).

      But since they didn't do that, anybody is free to take him for a nominal fee ($50k). The catch is, Aneury would have to stay on their big league roster all season or the Rays can take him back.

      But no, at this point there is no way to protect him. And since the Rays didn't protect him, that tells me there was something they didn't like about him.

  2. Greg says:

    Nice link to the LA Times article on Crawford and the Angels. Only thing I take issue with - I could see the Angels going for both Soriano and Beltre instead of Crawford but suggesting they could perhaps get those two for less than the cost of Crawford alone (measured only by total contract value obviously) is a little misleading. The cost per season would almost certainly be more if Soriano is looking for about $11M per year and Beltre turned down the A's offer of around $13M annually.


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