Ken Rosenthal suggests it is in Carl Crawford’s best interest to wait until after Cliff Lee finds a new home before signing a contract..

The Red Sox are interested. The big loser in the Lee sweepstakes — the Yankees or Rangers — could be, too…Thus, it’s in Crawford’s interest to wait for Lee, setting up — potentially — a bidding competition between the Red Sox, Yankees and Angels, or the Angels, Rangers and Red Sox…At the very least, it’s Angels vs. Red Sox, plus heaven knows which other clubs.

So if you were hoping that CC would just rip the band-aid off in one quick motion, should prepare themselves for a long painful process.


  • All seven of the free agents offered arbitration by the Rays rejected the offer. The biggest surprise was Grant Balfour, who apparently thinks he can get a multi-year deal somewhere. [Rays Report]
  • Pinellas County extended the Bed Tax through 2021. This is important because the tax could be used to help finance a new stadium. [Twitter]
  • Meanwhile, the Hillsborough Chamber of Commerce will soon vote on whether finding financing for a new stadium should be a priority in 2011. [St. Pete Times]




  1. Don says:

    Balfour added to ML teams xmas shopping list...declines one yr. arbt. deal....line up boys... the pickings are good from Rays players...We will be back to young kids and over the hill..... $1mil cast offs....
    ANYONE hear of one (1) offer MADE by the Rays to keep any of their players??? Balfour said in the paper he hasn't even heard from them...relief pitching gone...Xmas money coming to well deserving players...

  2. Brixology says:

    We are still the most likely destination for Balfour by far, right? Might his Type A status even buy us a discount?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      In theory, yes. But what about a team that has a protected first-round pick. Is a second-rounder too much to give up? Or what about the Yankees or Red Sox if they sign a big free agent and have already given up their first-rounder? Will they care if Balfour costs a second-rounder?

      His status certainly limits his options, but he may still have options.

      But in the end, I think if the Rays offer him 2 years, or at least a one-year with an option, then he will be back.

      • phil says:

        I think both the red sox and yankees are going to care about losing a first round and second round in a draft that is supposedly so deep.

        Unprotected teams need to build through the draft too so to them losing a second round pick might be a lot...

        I think they should reach out to Balfour now...i need some positive news!


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