Yesterday over at Business Insider, I showed that the Giants built their championship roster by drafting pitchers and signing free agent hitters. Very little of their roster was built through trades.

This got us wondering, how were the 2010 Rays built? Here is the full roster breakdown…

What we see is that the payroll was almost evenly divided among players acquired via the draft, free agency and trades. However, 68% of the value was delivered by players the Rays drafted. Of course, this group includes players like Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford and David Price.

At the other end of the spectrum, free agents were worth only 1.8 wins in 2010, with no thanks to guys like Pat Burrell, Gabe Kapler and Lance Cormier.

Meanwhile, 13 of the 37 players that contributed in 2010 were acquired via trade and were worth more than 12 wins.

Here is what the breakdown looks like if separate hitters and pitchers…

Other than the large amount of money spent on free agent hitters, we don’t see much difference between the hitters and pitchers.

So if you are looking for the Rays to make a splash this off-season, don’t expect it to come from free agency. Rather, keep a close eye on those trade rumors. That is where the 2011 Rays are more likely to find their impact players.



  1. phil says:

    A splash would be Grant Balfour and another arm or two for the pen....

  2. Greg says:

    Can we have a post about the Rays interest in Mark Hendrickson so I can complain about it? How can they possibly consider that guy again?


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