In the past week, the Rays have lost three players that had accounted for six All-Star appearances, three MVP top-10 finishes and two Gold Gloves. Now they may be ready to trade the only guy in team history to throw a no-hitter.

Ed Price of has a big league source that is “certain” the Rays will trade Matt Garza. The Source also predicts Garza will be dealt to the Cubs.

Keep in mind, this may just be speculation on the part of the source. There is no indication that they have any insider information from the Rays or Cubs. There is also no indication that a deal is imminent.

Previously we heard that the Rays would wait until July to try and trade Garza because they didn’t like they offers they were receiving now. We also heard that a deal to the Cubs was “unlikely.”

But Buster Olney has a different take. He spoke with “rival executives” that think the Rays should trade Garza now because he might actually be too expensive in July which may make a deal impossible during the season.

Olney says the Royals are expected to put Zack Greinke on the trade market once Cliff Lee signs. Teams that need a starting pitcher may start knocking on the Rays door if they deem the price for Greinke to be too much.



  1. Justin H says:

    I've heard trading Garza to the Cubs over and over, but what I haven't heard is what we'd get in return. Does anyone know what the return would be from the Cubs?

  2. edward says:

    i heard the rays were looking at prospects. that is a usual rays front office

  3. Joel M. says:


    Why not Shields instead of Garza?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I'm sure the Rays would move either one, but right now there just appears to be more interest in Garza, which means he will being back better prospects in a trade. I think it is also an indication that the Rays think Shields can turn it around and they might not want to sell low.

  4. Jason W says:

    If we do swing a deal with Cubs for Garza, it better include Brett Jackson and at least one of Cashner or Carpenter.

  5. a.j. says:

    Let's think about this realistically! Have we ever heard about a trade beforehand from the Rays? No! Truth is...the only way we trade Garza is if we get blown away...there's only a few teams that might be willing to do that and that have the prospects/players to do it...1. The Rangers- maybe if they can't get Lee or Greinke, 2. The Angels- would they give us Mike Trout and more? 3. The Royals- possibly after they deal Greinke they might be wanting to find someone just a slight tier below him, and be willing to part with Moustakas or Hosmer? I don't think the Cubs have what'd it take to get I don't see this happening anytime soon

  6. John S says:

    The Cubs top prospects aren't really that good though. They have one of the worst systems in the entire MLB

  7. a.j. says:

    Cork, do you really think the Cubs are a good match? They don't seem to have the quality prospects to make it happen. Heck, the Pirates at least have Pedro Alvarez if they'd be interested! The Cubs system is weak at best!

  8. phil says:

    Cork - Matt Garza to the Yankees (if they lose Lee for Jesus Montero c/dh and 3rd baseman in triple A named Laird who has some power....


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