We have heard before that the Red Sox are interested in signing Carl Crawford, but now we get a better idea of the level of interest. A lot

By all accounts, the Red Sox are working hard behind the scenes to sign one of the two elite free agent outfielders, Carl Crawford or Jayson Werth…If they are successful, the new contract stands a good chance of becoming, both in years and dollars, the largest free agent deal this ownership group has made.

Michael Silverman adds that Crawford might be asking clubs for an eight-year deal and that both Crawford and Werth will likely get $16-19 million per season.

If those numbers are accurate, Crawford is asking for eight years and at least $128 million. That would keep Crawford under contract through age 36.

We had heard that the Angels were pushing hard early on to sign Crawford. And now it looks like he is content to let the market play itself out. Doing so is going to net Crawford an enormous contract. But this also raises the risk that he signs with the Red Sox or Yankees.

Happy, happy, joy, joy…*head hits desk*



  1. Holy crap. Who in their right mind would sign someone with Crawford's skills to an 8 yr deal? He better turn into a power hitter a la Johnny Damon, and even then, at 15+, he is no where near worth that.

  2. Gus says:

    In what world is Werth equal to Crawford? I don't get that. Crawford will have a nice end of his career wherever he goes. Werth seems like he has some issues.

    Can't see CC ending up in Boston -- more likely using them to goose the Angels to bid higher.

  3. Don says:

    8 years for $128 mil is ONLY $15 mil and change a year...CC is well worth it....and the last 3-4 years the US dollar will be worth peanuts..and if Steinb. is so smart he could probably get CC + agent to stretch out payments for 10-20 years..
    Are you thinking Stuart...


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