via Tim Brown of Yahoo! Sports

Red Sox source: They’re serious about Carl Crawford; they’ve been in Houston meeting with Crawford and his reps.

Crawford with the Red Sox for the next seven or eight years? Remember how painful it was to see Rocco in a Sox uniform for 62 games? Multiply that times a bajillion-million. At least Rocco was from New England and got an opportunity to play near home. If Crawford signs with the Red Sox, it will only be because they offered him more money than the Angels or Tigers.



  1. Don says:

    You forgot more money than the RAYS, Angels or Tigers....
    Look at it this way a Red Sox's uniform..we can see Tampabay's "alltime favorite athlete" 18 times a year....
    The expression on Maddon's face.. or Friedmans (drinking a beer) for 18 games would be priceless!!!!!!!!!

  2. Thad says:

    I hope he signs with the Sox. I don't think Crawford is going live up any more than 3 years of value on a 7 or 8 year deal worth $140-$160 million. His speed is most of his value. That and injury will catch up to him in a few years and saddle the Sox with a massive chunk of payroll for a decent LF with modest power and ok average that has lost a step. I loved CC, but he's headed to the backside of his career.


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