Brad Hawpe has signed a one-year deal with the Padres. As a type B free agent, the Rays will receive a compensation pick between the first and second round next year.

The Rays picked up Hawpe after he was released by the Rockies. For 15 games and 46 plate appearances, the Rays paid Hawpe approximately $70K for the final month of the season. Hawpe gave the Rays seven hits, including two home runs.

But more importantly, his signing with the Padres gives the Rays a top-45 draft pick that is estimated to be worth $3 million in a draft that many considered deep in talent. That is a tidy little profit for their minimal investment.

Hawpe may not have done much with the Rays, and their fans will soon forget he ever even played for the team. But his legacy could be felt on the major league roster 4-5 years down the road if this compensation pick pans out.



  1. Billy says:

    And to think I have been investing in gold and silver...when I should have been investing in Hawpe!

  2. Don says:

    He gave me a headache watching him trying to hit.....been trying to like Xmas for Stuie/Friedman....oh I forgot..... Hanukkah!


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