John Sickels has released his Top 20 Rays prospects list along with each prospect’s grades. Be sure to check out his write up with a brief explanation for the grading system and each player’s grade…

  1. Jeremy Hellickson, RHP
  2. Matt Moore, LHP
  3. Desmond Jennings, OF
  4. Jake McGee, LHP
  5. Josh Sale, OF
  6. Alex Colome, RHP
  7. Alex Torres, LHP
  8. Enny Romero, LHP
  9. Jake Thompson, RHP
  10. Justin O’Conner, C
  11. Drew Vettleson, OF
  12. Alex Cobb, RHP
  13. Nick Barnese, RHP
  14. Joe Cruz, RHP
  15. Scott Shuman, RHP
  16. Wilking Rodriguez, RHP
  17. Braulio Lara, LHP
  18. Leslie Anderson, OF
  19. Ryan Brett, 2B
  20. Tim Beckham, SS

Lot’s of top pitching is always good to see, but outside of Jeremy Hellickson, most of it is still a year or two away. At the other end, Tim Beckham has killed the Rays depth of position players. Outside of Desmond Jennings, there isn’t a lot to get excited about.



  1. Anderson as an outfielder? I thought he was a 1B?

  2. Don says:

    Save this could be our lineup in 2012 if they are all still on ML min. $400,000......think how much Stuie would save!

  3. Brixology says:

    Looks like some positive feedback for the 2010 draft class, no?

  4. a.j. says:

    I'm calling it right now...Tim Beckham has a breakout season this year-over .285 BA, 15 HR, 30 2B, 20 Sb's...somebody has to believe in the kid. Might as well jump on the train since its empty! I also think McGee will dominate in the pen for us this year, Hellboy wins 16, and Jennings takes over in cf after we trade Upton and Shields to KC in a package for Soria to be our closer!

    • Gatorbuc15 says:

      Man hope you're right, it's about time for Tim to get kick-started.

    • phil says:

      KC will not trade Soria (at least not for upton and Shields)...It would be nicer if BJ upton has a breakout year...and I agree with you about McGee and Balfour should come back!

      • derek says:

        Shields is worth more than that, let alone him and BJ. Come
        on man. Soria, while still dominate, is a relief pitcher. 200 plus
        innings from a decent enough starter will always be worth more than
        40 saves and 60 innings.

  5. a.j. says:

    I agree Soria would take more...but that's why I said'd probably take us to include Alex Cobb or Nick Barnese to make that deal attainable

  6. a.j. says:

    Given that Shields has had two consecutive not-so-great years, and B.J. not living up to the hype at all yet, how would that be more valuable than 40 saves per her for the next 3 years at a very team-friendly rate? What other elite closer can we go after at his rate?!if Upton were to start the year hot and build up his value, then maybe...but Soria is going to be pricy in terms of a trade...just look at what average relievers are costing in free agency. It's just an idea anyway...not saying it'll definitely happen...but we have pitching to replace Shields if we were to make a deal.

    • derek says:

      Shields' contract is just as team friendly, and like it or not, he is still very useful. We wouldnt have allowed him to pitch for 200+ innings if we didnt want him here. We could have very easily slid him into the bullpen instead of hellboy, but we didnt, because he had a career year in strikeouts per nine and k/bb. The only problem was he also had a career year in fb/hr and babip. Bj doesnt have to "live up to the hype." Didnt he hit 20 hrs and steal 40+ bases last year? Im fine with that. I dont care about hype. Dont get me wrong, Id love to have soria, but in way am I giving up two guys that we will NEED next year. If we are going to trade a starter for a reliever then make it Niemann, with that SS we just got for bartlett.

  7. a.j. says:

    I understand where you're coming from, but niemann was our most consistent pitcher til he got sidelined...we'd need him a lot more than Shields. And I'll be honest...watching Upton makes me sick...I can't stand watching a guy with so much talent be so mediocre for so long! He's absolutely the most frustrating player to watch on the Rays! Jennings can do what he does with a little less pop and a lot higher average...I'll take that out of my centerfielder, not laziness. Sorry...just don't like the guy!


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