Carl Crawford was officially introduced to the media today and had some interesting comments…

On choosing the Red Sox over the Angels: “…at the end of the day, I felt that my situation would definitely be better here in Boston. Angels are a pretty nice organization, too, but at the end of the day, I think that my heart is in Boston.

On batting leadoff, something he never wanted to do with the Rays: “I really don’t mind hitting anywhere in the lineup. That statement came when I was a little younger in my career, so it kind of stayed with me that I didn’t like hitting leadoff. I definitely don’t have a problem with hitting anywhere.

On playing in front of bigger crowds: “I’m definitely ready for that. That’s one thing that attracted me here. You know it’s going to be sold out, you know there’s going to be excitement, you know there’s going to be a lot of screaming and hollering. That was definitely one of the things that attracted me here.



  1. Sarah says:

    Really, Carl, your heart is in Boston? How about “Boston offered me an addition $30 million”. I know, he has to say the right things.

  2. Indiana Rays Boy says:

    I am sure he won’t miss the road trip theme gimmicks and look like circus clowns.

  3. Don says:

    MAYBE his heart is in Boston because he is with a PROFESSIONAL organization instead of Maddon telling the players how good they are and everything is fine, no more putting up with Upton, Pena, Longo…. all the Bullshit…
    CC don’t go for that…be happy for him…he IS a PRO!

    • Tone says:

      Why are you a Rays fan? Maddon’s moves are silly and annoying at times, but you seem to have contempt for him and the players. Go root for Boston.

      • Don says:

        “Silly” is a quality I admire in a professional sports manager..
        Is contempt the same as “no respect”?? You could be right…
        Players that perform to the best of their ability I respect no matter what uniform they wear…ie. CC in Red!

    • Tom says:

      Putting up with Longo???? Please explain how this is a hardship.

      • Don says:

        Longo’s lifestyle drinking and the girls…(and we all have been there)… doesn’t exactly fits CC’s idea of how professional athletes should prepare for games…you could see it the way he looks at guys like Longo, Upton, Pena…like what the hell is going on? we have a game today…..
        Sort of like how your dad used to look at you when you came home at 3am….drunk!

        • Frank says:

          Where oh where to begin.. The “Lush” (Longoria) says you know how? Carl’s idea of how a pro should act? Like refusing to leadoff or play center when told(asked by a weak mgr) by your team?.. Pena? Can’t hit but he got looked at sideways by Carl? Tom ..Pls get help.. Preacher Don thinks you also drink too much!! Don log off.. it”s 5pm.. bed time jackass!! Like Danny.. go to Boston websites coward.. you are a hiding SOXXXXX fan..

        • Tom says:

          “you could see it the way he looks at guys like Longo, Upton, Pena…like what the hell is going on? we have a game today…..”

          Where are you getting this from? Longo was the one who got on Upton’s case for not hustling. Who cares what he does off the field as long as he is ready to play. Did he ever sit out a game because he was hungover?

          As far as Pena goes… when was he ever unprofessional? The Rays have won the division title 2 of the past 3 years not the Red Sox despite the Sox payroll advantage.

  4. Alex says:

    F*ck you Crawford.

    • Danny says:

      hey Alex – comments like that are just a further example that you and most fans don’t get it – you can’t blame a professional athlete for taking the big money – Crawford worked hard for 9 years and EARNED one of the 10 biggest contracts in baseball history – granted it does suck that he went to Boston, but that’s neither here nor there….

      oh, and Alex, post your ignorant blitherings elsewhere – they’re not appreciated here…

      • Frank says:

        Hey Dan the Man..most fans dont get it?? and of course you do.. When you talk with Carl and continue to know him better than us stupid fans ..let him know he can take his money.. we all would. But with class..btw hows Boston? .. red sox jackass!! stop hiding puss.. OH AND TELL HIM THANKS FOR WORKING HARD FOR A MEASLY COUPLE OF MILLION.. Alex, my guess is you were not officially banned by dapper dan.. “I wanted to go where people actually wanted me”..Damn Dan he did not feel your love.

    • D-Rome says:

      When anyone offers you a contract for $142 million dollars the answer is *always* “yes” no matter who offers it or where you have to play.

  5. Frank says:

    Regardless of what he says now or did for Tampa Bay, he is now on the hated Red Sox.. so root for the Hammy to snap day one!! Oh yeah from leadoff. Man did he burn up his goodwill fast!! F**K Him!! Go depleted hopeless Rays!! I will be there (sometimes).

  6. phil says:

    Matt Garza to the Yankees if they lose Lee for Jesus Montero c/dh and they have a 3rd baseman in triple A named Laird has some power …

  7. Thad says:

    Like I’ve said before I don’t begrudge CC grabbing the cash but I’m not gonna kiss his butt on the way out of town. He doesn’t care two licks abt Boston. Just like he doesn’t give a squat abt Tampa or it’s fans. He cares abt the money. And now he’s the enemy. He’s dead to me.

    If I’m being honest I kinda never really liked his attitude anyway. I know he never complained but every time he was interviewed he always had a hint of “smug punk” that I never really liked. He never lived in The Bay Area. I don’t know that he has done a single thing for charity. He’s never out in the community. At least Longo feigns some concern for the area and fans. CC never did.

  8. a.j. says:

    Thad, I think you said it best that we shouldn’t kiss his butt on the way out! He played hard and represented the organization in a positive way. He was one of the main pieces that helped shift our franchise in the right direction. For those things, I respect him. He did things on a ballfield that very few people can do…but now, he’s the enemy…and I will be there to let him know what I think the B on his hat stands for!!!

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