Yesterday it was announced that the Marlins have broken off contract talks with Dan Uggla and that they now plan to trade their slugging second baseman.

Uggla, who is arbitration-eligible and made $7.8 million last season, will be eligible for free agency following the 2011 season. In the last three seasons, Uggla has hit 31-33 home runs, and posted an OBP of at least .354.

Hardball Talk asks if the Rays would trade BJ Upton and Jason Bartlett for Uggla.

We have already heard that Upton might be available, and there is little chance Jason Bartlett will be back in 2011 considering Reid Brignac can do the same job at one-tenth the price.

But beyond that, there is little chance the Rays would even be interested in Uggla.

For one, even without an extension, Uggla will likely make north of $10 million in arbitration. In fact, he has already turned down a four-year, $48 million offer from the Marlins.

On top of that, Uggla is only worth his high price tag because few middle infielders can produce his offensive numbers. But the Rays want to be strong defensively up the middle. And Uggla is a liability with his glove.

In three of the last four years, Uggla has posted a negative UZR.

Uggla is the great player. And certainly the Rays could use the offensive production next season. But if the Marlins show up on the Rays caller ID, we hope they won’t be offended if Andrew Friedman lets that one go to voicemail.



  1. Don says:

    What are we going to do with a $8 mil 2B???
    He would make more than the whole infield (Pena Gone) put together!

  2. phil says:

    Play him at 1st!

  3. KillaTapes says:

    On top of his terrible D, I think Uggla's power numbers would surely decline a bit in the AL East. I agree that AF should ignore that call!

  4. Ian says:

    Best case scenario, he becomes another Pena. Minus the fact Pena is actually good on the d. Killa is right though, he would get eaten alive by the our division's pitchers. He struck out 8 times against us and 3 times against Baltimore last year. Since 08 he's only gotten one hit against NY, and that was a home run and 2 against Boston and Toronto since 08. Also, since 08 he's only had 11 hits on turf fields. This all taking into account this is interleague, it shows he isn't ready for a stacked division. No disrespect, but Florida hasn't been that great since the beginning of the decade and honestly, I don't feel comfortable comparing ATL and PHI to our division.


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