Three years ago on Rays Index we learned that the Rays were planning an alternate jersey with “Tampa Bay” across the front. Hmmm, whatever happened to that?

Rays To Feature Alternate Jersey In 2009 With “Tampa Bay” Across The Front [Rays Index]





  1. Joe says:

    I wonder if it has to do with me just to spite me in this being my favorite pet peeve issue of the new ownership. Why spite the area? Its esprit de corps, its identifying the fans with the team and the area, long after player go. It's that tingle you get when you see the Rays at Fenway or Yankee Stadium or the Cell and you see "Tampa Bay" on their chests, its not just what they are, but WHO THEY ARE PLAYING FOR!! For this debauchery to continue without explanation is beyond pathetic. I have been beyond kind and professional in asking for an explanation and I have been ignored and rebuffed at every turn. It shouldn't just be an alternate uniform, it should be the BASE ROAD UNIFORM!!! It's a shame they have to be deceitful and coy about it. I am sorry for being on the box, but this is something that I am not alone with, and their ignorance and their arrogance is annoying.


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