Joe Maddon finished third in the American League Manager of the Year voting. He received one first place vote, which is fitting, because Ron Gardenhire (this year’s winner) received the one first place vote that kept Maddon from being a unanimous selection in 2008.


  • Noah Pransky sat down with the Rays three-headed monster, Stuart Sternberg, Andrew Friedman and Matt Silverman)…The last time we talked to all three at the same time, it was fine until Silverman arrived. That’s when it got intimidating. []
  • Stuart Sternberg told Marc Topkin that there is no specific plan in place for a new stadium. He also added that he plans to be owner of the Rays for “a very long time.” [St. Pete Times]
  • Ken Davidoff calls Carl Crawford, the Yankees “Plan B.” [Newsday]
  • Nick Cafardo thinks Carlos Pena could return to the Rays on a one-year deal. []
  • Andrew Friedman talks about the loss of Joaquin Benoit. [The Heater]
  • The Rays signed a 28-year old minor league middle reliever. Is this a typical Rays signing? Yes. Is Cory Wade going to help the Rays win in 2011? If Wade is a significant contributor in 2011, then the Rays are in trouble. [ESPN 1040]
  • It looks like MLB is more likely to expand the playoffs in 2012 than next season. [Hardball Talk]




  1. Matt says:

    You never know with Wade. He had a good 2008 year. I remember thinking how bad Grant Balfour was and look at him now. Same with a lot of other relievers on the staff.

    • KillaTapes says:

      Agreed. The Rays seem to have a knack for finding scrap heap relievers that find their groove with this team, i.e. Benoit, Balfour, Howell, etc. Almost as if they have a secret metric for measuring relievers. Hmmmm...

  2. Carey says:

    Gotta love the Yankee's "player development" model:

    Plan A: Sign most expensive free agent(s) on market (and offer 20% more than next best offer plus 3 years, even if he's 60yo) with some focus on team needs.

    If Plan A Doesn't work, then off to . . .

    Plan B: Sign next most expensive free agent (plus 20% and 3 years) regardless of need.

    So, if you don't get the pitcher you NEED, then next plan is to go after outfielder you don't necessarily need. Only reason it works is because it allows them to continue their predatory spending model. Overpay CC and make it that much harder for the mark to keep their top outfielder.

    Don't believe that the Yankees spend just to raise the price of players? Consider the Pujols negotiations. Pujols is asking for ARod money. Cardinals saying ARod deal was bad (and it clearly was). This, folks, is as much of a motivation for the Yankees as getting the player they want. This is why they ALWAYS overpay. ALWAYS. They know it just makes it harder for the rest of the teams to keep their players.

    They are absolute scum. And, they are BAD for baseball.

    Also, just typical MLB mental mastrubation. Add a team to the playoffs? Here's a concept: Balance the schedule, drop or severely limit interleague, scrap the three divisions and TAKE THE TOP FOUR TEAMS FROM EACH LEAGUE! That formula (or something very similar) worked for over 100 years in baseball. It's simple. It's fair. It makes sense.

    Like a salary cap, it obviously makes too much sense for MLB to adopt.


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