Earlier today, Rocco Baldelli appeared on “First Pitch” with Rob Dibble and Jim Memolo. During the interview, Rocco was asked if he would play again next year…

At this point, in the off-season, after every season i take a step back…try to be objective. I’m not going to make any permanent decisions at this point in time. If anything arises, I’ll take it from there…If I have played my last game, I have played my last game…But I don’t want to make any brash statements. That is whay I didn’t say I was retired last year.

Rocco was also asked about the possibility of becoming a manager…

I think [managing] is a nice possibility. I cant say enough how good [the Rays] have beeen to me. If [managing] is a possibility, I’d like to keep going that way. It is something that we have discussed informally in a roundabout way.

So unless another team steps up and gives Rocco an opportunity to play in 2011 (unlikely), look for Rocco to return to the Rays in 2011 in a very similary capacity to 2010. That is, he will beging the season as a coach and if the Rays need a right-handed bat late in the year, he will be added to the roster.



  1. Jessica says:

    Really? Did you have to post this right on the heels of losing Beniot? You are driving me to drink man...

  2. Don says:

    Actually he played one game too many...but the Rangers appreciated it!


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