While looking for something else, we came across an ESPN.com story we had somehow missed back in August (we feel like we have let you down). In this piece by Arash Markazi, Maddon is asked what he misses most about Southern California…

“Outside of seeing my wife?” he said, raising his eyebrows slightly above his sunglasses. “Let’s start with that first”…When Maddon says his heart still lives in the Southland, he’s not only talking about his home in Long Beach — which rests three short blocks away from the beach — but his wife, Jaye. They were married at St. Juliana Church in Fullerton, Calif., less than two weeks after Maddon’s Rays came up short in the 2008 World Series to the Philadelphia Phillies. They held their wedding reception on the Queen Mary in Long Beach. While they own a home in South Tampa, they spend most of the offseason in Long Beach, where Jaye is raising her two sons…”We’re bicoastal,” Maddon said. “We have a home here in Long Beach and in Tampa. Jaye comes on the road once in a while. She was just in Detroit. So we try to mix it up. She’s got two sons so she can’t just take off.”

If that doesn’t scare you, it should. That sure sounds like Jaye prefers to spend most of her time in Southern California. And JoeMa sure sounds like he misses her during the season.

The obvious cure for that would be for Maddon to take a managerial job back in “Southland.” That limits him to the Dodgers, Angels and Padres.

The Padres manager, Bud Black, another Mike Scioscia disciple, and leading candidate for the NL Manager of the Year award, is signed through 2015. Scioscia is signed through 2018, although he does have an option to opt-out after the 2015 season.

That leaves the Dodgers (and possibly the Diamondbacks) as a future home for Maddon. LA just promoted Don Mattingly to replace Joe Torre, giving Donnie Baseball a three-year deal. So Mattingly will have at least two seasons to prove his worth.

And if Mattingly fails? Look for Maddon to be named manager of the Dodgers after the 2012 season.

In other words, as Rays fans, we better not get too comfortable with Maddon as the Rays manager. His loyalties lay elsewhere.



  1. yobuc says:

    That'd be fine with me. He can be somebody else's puppet. His mental lapses are more attuned to the left coast mindset.

  2. Beth says:

    Regardless of his affection for the west coast, I think it's clear that Maddon will not be Rays manager for life -- he enjoys the kind of larger than life presence that cries out for a big media market.

    But, petty as it seems, his perspective bugs me a little. The Rays pay him millions of dollars to lead a team that the national media already perceives as unloved. Can't he at least talk up the Tampa Bay area a bit for his salary? For goodness sake, Joe, you earn enough to move your wife and kids here and make this home.

  3. Hal says:

    I speculated about this back in the season when he was complaining about the Trop and cried about attendance. It feels like he's been laying the groundwork for this for some time. If the Dodger situation wasn't such a mess, I bet they would have made a push for Joe this year. As much nonsense as he takes around here, I wouldn't blame him for looking for greener pastures.

    He gets hammered all year, but I'd argue that he's manager of the year. We won the AL East with a horrible hitting team, an overrated starting staff (who beside Price had even an above-average year?), and a good bullpen.

    • Beth says:

      Hal, all managers get hammered by local fans and press. Pick up a Boston newspaper and read what they say about Francona, or a NY newspaper to see reaction to Girardi. Maddon doesn't get especially harsh treatment here.

  4. Amy says:

    Truely this whole article is far-fetched and way too much speculation for a position that who knows will be open in that short amount of time. I doubt the Dodgers will mail in that quickly on Mattingly and I believe they wouldn't take a chance on non-traditional baseball guy like Maddon. Many coaches don't live in the same state as the team they coach for and just because they don't live there doesn't mean they want to coach there. If I read correctly his wife was pretty self-sufficent before they were married with a law career. Purely speculation on my part but she could like him out of the house for the season. I don't think there should be any alarm over this.

  5. Stephanie says:

    Let him go. The team can get by without him. Managers, like players, come and go. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. Maddon is a good manager, but he is not irreplaceable. I have nothing against the guy and have never called for his head, but I don't think he has any superhuman qualities that the Rays can't find elsewhere.

  6. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Somehow, I think I'll survive if he leaves.

  7. Don says:

    OH PLEASE.....say its true...
    I couldn't even dream of something as good as ole JOE leaving!
    Maybe I can now start dreaming of the day...then I'll wake up and find out there is no Santa Claus....Just fat ass Joe!
    As for his wife...would YOU want to live with ole wineo Joe for 12 months a year??
    With a first class manager... the Rays would be at least 20% better!
    I'll also bet he don't make MILLIONS...I bet the first time mgt. (after 30 years) makes less than a players min.??? Never found out exactly?

  8. Justin H says:


  9. Alex says:

    Dave Martinez please

  10. Indiana Rays Boy says:

    I hope so. I am losing patience with this guy. His sabermatrics, road trip theme gimmicks, micromanages games are getting old. If Mattingly falters, he can somebody else problem. If he ever leaves, I will be celebrating like the people on Bourbon St. in New Orleans; good riddance. Los Angeles will let him have it if he pulls the same crap he is doing in Tampa Bay. He could take Derek Shelton and his stooges (except Dave Martinez) to the West Coast.


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