Ken Rosenthal reports that the Rays are “closer” to trading Jason Bartlett

The Rays are closer to trading shortstop Jason Bartlett than ever before…The Dodgers’ three-year, $21 million agreement with free-agent infielder Juan Uribe on Monday sparked accelerated discussions involving Bartlett, major-league sources say…The Cardinals, Giants, Padres, Orioles and Pirates all have expressed recent interest in Bartlett. The Giants’ need is particularly acute after losing Uribe.

However, Marc Topkin reports that “nothing is considered imminent.”

There was some question about what the Rays could bring back for Bartlett considering his declining offensive and defensive skills in 2010. But at this point, the market appears to be falling into place for the Rays make a good deal for a player they have to trade.

Yesterday was the third anniversary of Bartlett being traded to the Rays along with Matt Garza for Delmon Young.



  1. John S says:

    We are looking for a young, talented and cheap reliever for Bartlett…

    Now that the teams that are in need of Jason Bartlett have came to light, what players on those respective teams would you think we would be asking for?

    Giants, Cardinals, Padres, O’s and Pirates.

  2. phil says:

    giants went 6 deep (during their ws run) in their bullpen ..padres had a deep bullpen…Cardinals not sure… O’s David Herndez has been rumored and who know what the pirates have…

  3. Beth says:

    What had the Rays gotten for Julio Lugo — or did Lugo go as a free agent? Lugo was a comparable hitter but far worse defensively. Bartlett should be worth at least as much as Lugo had been.

  4. Alex says:

    Joel Guzman could hit monster shots…. other than that complete garbage

  5. John S says:

    Salas from the Cardinals is being discussed by local St Louis news outlets….

    It is very interesting to see the type of premium an average SS can bring…
    But the market is very limited for a fairly priced SS..

    This will allow the Rays to surprise us with the return

  6. John S says:



  7. phil says:

    Cards just acquired Ryan Theriot for a pitcher so you can cross off the cards..can the rays just go out and sign Balfour?

    • Stephanie says:

      Giants signed Tejada. Don’t know if he will be their everyday SS or they are still in on Bartlett. Hopefully the Rays can make something happen.

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