[Update] A source is now telling us that Brignac was indeed dating Anderson, but that the two broke up sometime recently.

The picture at right was sent to us from a reader and comes from the Facebook page of Lauren Anderson, Playoboy’s Miss July, 2002. The caption on the photo reads “Reid visits me on set, aww.

Anderson, 30, won a reality show on FOX back in 2002 called “Who Wants to Be a Playboy Centerfold?”

According to her personal webpage, she has appeared in several TV shows including “The Girls Next Door” and “Entourage.”

A quick search of the interwebs finds this story written by an anonymous poster that provides some “Page 6″ details of Brignac and Anderson as well as some additional photos of the happy couple.

Soooo, Reid was 16 when Anderson won “Who Wants to be a Playboy Centerfold?” Any chance he watched an episode or two?



  1. Who would have thought it would be Reid Brignac who would trump Scott Kazmir’s Hooters girls and Evan Longoria’s USF hotties? I can’t wait for a Rays player to be seen with a fine lovely employee of Tampa’s adult establishments. Who will it be?

  2. Beth says:

    And if he were dating someone 6 years younger, would you make note of the age difference?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      If she was just 16 when he hit the majors, yes.

      • John S says:

        Haha Yes Cork you are correct!

        ON A SIDE NOTE, I live in Scottsdale, Arizona part of the time (depends on work).. I was at the airport coming back from a work trip and was getting out of the elevator to go to the car…
        And, I could of have the effect of a red eye cross country flight, I swear to god it had to be Evan Longoria but I am confused. I know Crawford has a home but does Evan have a place out here. He was a with a young girl and an older lady (maybe Evan’s sister and mother?!?!). Anyone have any insight, I was 4 feet anyway from this person (face to face) and could of swore that was him because we are the same height (6’3) and he had a small gap in the teeth and was wearing a funky retro military jacket with jeans..

      • Beth says:

        Really? So, like, if a 30 year old player has a 24 year old girlfriend, you’d need to comment on that because she was in high school when he started playing? I really, really doubt it.

        Seriously, if she were 40 you might have a story, but a six year age difference should not be noteworthy.

        • Cork Gaines says:

          That she is 6 years older is not the story. It is just a note.

          • Bosman fan says:

            You had me at Playboy Playmate, not sure if that’s better or worse but it is the truth. The 6 year age difference didn’t even register until I read the comments. That went right over my head, let’s hear it for reading comprehension, go me! Age difference isn’t a big deal either way.

        • Rob says:

          I know women feel there is a double standard, but it is a 2 way street. Women seem to like older, more mature & stable men. Since you don’t see too many 30 year old women with 24 Y.O. beaux, it is somewhat noteworthy.

  3. Joe Rays Fan says:

    Can’t we just celebrate the young man’s score? This is a great moment in Rays history.

  4. td says:

    My info says this is an ex-girlfriend from the minors. Still a nice pull…

  5. Don says:

    I knew there was something about that guy I liked..you dog!
    Also running Bartlett out of here is no small feat..
    Brig…. you are the MAN… Longo will be pissed!

  6. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Very nice!

  7. Dude says:

    Same girl who dated Matt Walsh. Sister was the “time to die” rainey girl.

    Family gets more athlete dong than a jock strap.

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