Buster Olney had an interesting little nugget in his blog yesterday. According to “a friend” of Carl Crawford, he is not all that excited about the idea of signing with the enemies this winter…

Carl Crawford is going to get extraordinary offers as a free agent this offseason, but if everything is equal (if the Red Sox or the Yankees make the same level of offer as the Angels) do not underestimate the impact of the competitive callus Crawford has built up against Boston and New York in his career. For years, he has been battling the Red Sox and Yankees, and he will need to be persuaded to join them, according to a friend.

We are still not even sure why the Red Sox would want to spend that much money on Crawford considering much of his value is based on defense, a value that will be lost in the small left field of Fenway Park. It would be kind like keeping a Picasso in a safe.

Ultimately, we think this is going to come down to the Tigers and the Angels. And considering both teams won’t be afraid to go big, Crawford’s next deal could reach $120 million.



  1. Not to be cynical, but I’m sure once the Red Sox and/or Yankees start flashing some cash… CC will much more easily be persuaded to “sleep with the enemy.”

  2. Don says:

    If the Rays don’t pay him… I would love to see him in the same division to terrorize Maddon and mgt. every time they play his team !

  3. Don says:

    I have told you a million times how the Rays can pay CC and still keep their payroll at $50 mil AND have a BETTER team!
    So its really up to the Rays whether they WANT to or not!
    IF they DON’T WANT to pay him….FINE…But….
    I will be looking for Carl to continue the curse of Josh Hamilton…..Pay up Rays or Pay latter…but you will PAY!

    • Boxauthor says:

      Don, are you REALLY a Rays fan? And with as much as you “know” about how things should be run, why is it that one of the 30 MLB teams haven’t hired you as at least a consultant if not GM? . . . or have they? hmm . . .

      • MJ says:

        Prob the Pirates.

      • Don says:

        IF I was a GM or asst…..I would have NEVER let J Hamilton go (unless he croaked of an overdose) and I would have drafted B. Posey instead of some little SS still hitting .200 in the minors…
        So, lets see Hamilton in RF and Posey catching….I WONDER how we would have done in 2010 aga. Hamilton less Rangers, the old Yankees and San Fran…
        I would have liked my chances!

        • DRR says:

          Ah, the wonders of hindsight. Makes life so easy…

          • Don says:

            It doesn’t take hindsight to SEE who the best players are…it takes knowledge and observation….Hamilton and Posey were both the top prospects of the last decade and the Rays had them BOTH……. and GAVE them away!

        • Boxauthor says:

          So, Don, top 10 prospects (currently) in the Rays’ farm system that you would NEVER give up?

          • Don says:

            Good question….answer: none!
            If someone wanted Jennings this year (2010) for a pitcher like C. Lee or Halliday or a top hitting outfielder….he would have been gone in a second…
            But see…. I got something of value for a top prospect…. and I probably would have been WS champ right now….
            REPEAT: Don’t GIVE AWAY your BEST players…keep them, pay them and WIN!

          • Boxauthor says:

            So in your book, Hellickson to the Braves for Melky Cabrera is a fine deal? Since there are no top prospects in the system now, it doesn’t really matter what happens. You wouldn’t be on here two years down the road complaining that the Braves won the World Series because of Hellickson and that if we had him, blah, blah, blah?

  4. Justin H says:

    I’d like to be able to bring back CC, the only way I see it happening is by trading Upton, Garza, Bartlett, and Shields. Letting Soriano and Pena walk. This would open up centerfield for Jennings and Upton should bring a solid return or at least cap relief if they could just trade him for minor prospects and cash. I’m not really sure how it would work, but that’s the only scenario I see that would allow the Rays to sign Crawford. With the pieces the Rays would move there should be a lot of cheap, good talent coming back to the Rays. I haven’t really given this too much thought obviously, but I can’t see any other way to do it without mortgaging the Rays future.

  5. Danny says:

    of course we COULD pay Crawford, but there would not be money for Price or Longoria’s next contract(which will be more important to our w/l record and the organization’s bottom line) – and the fact remains that the only thing we lose when Crawford leaves, and it may be alot, is the difference between his and Desmond Jennings stats…any by years 3-6 of Crawford’s new deal the difference may not be that great – but we’ll only be paying Jennings the minimum and then his first 2 years of arb money – we can’t afford to mortgage the long term (4-6yrs) for the short term (2-3yrs) that we could ‘afford’ to pay Crawford his 15-18mil

    there are just too many other players that need to be paid for us to take a chance on Crawford still being in his prime 4-6 yrs from now – i’d rather have Price and Longo locked up for the next 5-7 years to anchor what should be a very competitive team year in and year out….paying Crawford long term jeopardizes the chance to win every year, for the slim chance that we win it all in the next 2-3!!! that’s why we can’t ‘afford’ him!!!

    Long live CC – good luck to him wherever he may land as long as it’s not in the division – we’ll miss #13!!!!

    GO RAYS!!!!!

    • Don says:

      That is your opinion…and you are entitled to it…
      BUT in my world you don’t give away you best players (see above) and you don’t give away future hall of famers..and your areas “Most popular athlete (all sports) of all time” because of money($)…esp if you don’t have to… and still make your budget and still have a better team!
      Thats MY opinion and I’m sticking with it!

      • Danny says:

        not asking you to change your opinion, but your opinion isn’t based in fact and won’t come to fruition….i’ll stick w/ facts, reality and being right!

  6. Alex says:

    Could anyone tell me if you know whether the rays are still gonna make an attempt at contract talks with CC? obviously i know he will have offers probably double ours in value, but is Friedman still gonna make a pitch at CC for taking less money and staying with the rays?

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