After the Rays declared their wish to explore sites for a new stadium in Hillsborough county and the City of St. Pete responded with a big “eff you,” the two sides decided to table any discussion until after the season. Well, apparently the silence extends to, well, everything, including the playoffs (via The St. Pete Times)…

“When we agreed we wouldn’t talk until after the season, I didn’t know that meant we wouldn’t exchange pleasantries as well,” [Mayor Bill] Foster said. “But I guess they meant no talking. Period”…Foster said he has awaited a call from the Rays to offer him an official role in the play-off pageantry. So far, silence.

So the Rays are playing the silent-treatment card, and Mayor Foster is playing the I-can’t-believe-they-haven’t-called-me-it’s-been-three-days card.

The logical next step is for Sternberg to go on a date with Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio with Foster texting Sernberg every 2 minutes wondering wear he is.



  1. lou Sosh says:

    Brooklyn, N.Y. here we come!!!

  2. JD says:

    Mayor needs to be quiet. The venue sucks and the team wins anyway. We don’t need prima donna politicians asking for their backs rubbed and taking the light away from the team. The Rays need to focus on winning their next series, not scoring brownie points with a politician.

  3. Jim says:

    So instead of contacting the Rays FO, he plays the passive-aggressive role and starts bitching to the local media? Nice, that is really going to help the situation.

    • Kyle says:

      Why would he contact the FO when they agreed not to speak about the situation until after the season? Read the article.

      • MJ says:

        Read the article. He would contact them if he was trying to make amends or build an actual relationship. He is awaiting their call and then bitching he never got it and painting them as the ‘bad guy’ instead of being proactive.

  4. Kyle says:

    Why would the parade be in Tampa as well? The Rays get zero support from Tampa citizens. The don’t deserve the Rays, and they won’t get them.

    • deadeye says:

      I hope that is sarcasm, otherwise that is a dumb comment.

      • d-money says:

        How is that a dumb comment? The fact is people in Tampa do nothing but bitch about driving to St Pete to go to a game.

        Tampa didn’t build a Stadium to try and bring baseball here and St Pete did. Now that the Rays are winning people in Tampa think it’s their god given right that the Rays should move over there. Where were the calls to move to Tampa during the 10 years of losing?

        • Beth says:

          Oh, for heaven’s sake, it’s exactly this kind of bickering that probably makes RFO start scouting sites in Las Vegas.

          There are Rays supporters throughout the region. Period.

          St. Pete mayor should stop sulking. RFO should give him a a courtesy call to coordinate city services around the stadium. We should all remember that we are well past kindergarten.

          How about this: if they win the World Series we’ll parade across the Gandy Bridge.

        • deadeye says:

          Where do you think the people come from that fill the Trop? Not St. Pete. The majority from Tampa and the surrounding area. I am not defending the bitching. I drive and hour and 45 minuted from Polk County. To say Tampa doesn’t support is ridiculous.

          • d-money says:

            Ok so if Tampa are such big supporters of the team while they’re in St Pete then why move the Team to Tampa?

            And you say that no one from St Pete goes to games…that is based on what? Is that a fact or is that just something your assuming?

            Well it is a fact that no one in Tampa wanted anything to do with the Rays until they started winning and now its some sort of travesty that the team is in St Pete to begin with.

            If Tampa wanted a baseball team then they should have put up the money to attract MLB like St Petersburg and Pinellas county did. But they didn’t so don’t bitch that you have to drive to go to the games just STFU and go or don’t go.

            The Rays are in St Petersburg and that is where they belong because that is the city and community that put in the hard work and money to bring them to this area in the first place.

        • MJ says:

          You people need to realize that it doesn’t matter which one of you likes the Rays more. They want to go to Tampa because its better for their bottom line and therefore the team. D-money, neither of your statements are “facts”. There are plenty of people in St. Pete/Pinellas also who didn’t give a shit about the Rays until they started winning. This has very little to do w/ the quality of the fans, but more about the proximity.

  5. The Rays are playing hard ball but St Pete has them by the balls.

    • Gus says:

      You are correct. Hard to see a Florida judge disregarding an agreement entered into by the City to benefit a NY multi-millionaire. Short of a hurricane, I can’t see them playing anywhere else but Pinellas for the next 18 years.

      • John S says:

        You guys need to take the time to learn corporate law before making intellectually lazy arguments like this.

        This is the beauty of having a free market, capitalist structure to law and government; the Rays (the corporation) have sooo many ways to get out of the this. St Pete really has a little chance of winning, but they will get a very good severance package out of this.

        • Gus says:

          So Mr. Genius, how do the Rays defeat the specific performance clause in the so-called “use agreement” — if it was so easy, as you suggest, why didn’t they do it 5 years ago? It would have been the first order of buusiness upon buying the team.

          As to Tampa/Hillsborough, exactly what revenue source would finance a new staidum. They’ve already used up their voted on sales tax for the community investment tax. Even if their was political will (which there is not currently), they have no legal ability (short of going to the state legislature) to currently impose a new tax to finance a new stadium.

  6. John S says:

    Well D-Money obviously knows nothing of the situation of how St Pete got the baseball team. Hey idiot you should at least educate yourself on how everything went down before you even speak.

    You do realize the Trop was just sitting there for a decade without a baseball team. MLB wanted Tampa, it is where the money, the corporations and the people are. St. Pete puts the stadium up really with very little conversation with MLB, no team guarantee, nothing. Tampa tells MLB “no thanks” we are out, we have pro teams already that we are dealing with. Plus St Pete put the dome up out of desperation because Tampa was separating themselves from St. Pete. The difference of the 2 cities has not always been this vast in terms of corporate income generation, population, overall household wealth, places of higher education, etc. In the mid 50′s, St Pete was very much a player in national and state business.

    Anyways to make a long story short, the Rays will move the Tampa and the Tampa residents will vote on it and provide aid for it to happen. Same thing happened with the Bucs and the Tampa residents gave in and voted for it. The judge will allow it to happen on 2 counts: The team will be staying in the region (makes it easier for a Florida judge to justify) and all it has to show is 1 factor of the Trop that makes their product less attractive. People are playing this whole contract thing up, those contracts get blown in court by teams ALL THE TIME!

    • Tone says:

      They will get out by losing money or having another city help them buy out of the contract. It will be expensive for them to leave, that is what people are saying. Lawyers and breaking contracts are not cheap. Glad you get to flex your little “corporate law” muscle and feel better about yourself. I think it will be funny if Tampa gets them, attendance will suck there too if the economy is still shit. The team might be shit by then as well.

  7. Gatorbuc15 says:

    This doesn’t have anything to do with this post, (sorry Cork), but Kevin Kennedy has been given the boot. Brian will now fill the position.

    Thank Jesus!

  8. Tone says:

    I say move them or sell them. This ownership can suck it. I liked them at first and was excited for the change but since they didn’t get their stadium they have just become assholes. Sick of them trashing Pinellas and using the fans for their political/business goals. Maddon and even the players have gotten into the act; they all have contempt for my hometown. I will just have my found memories of the 2008 team with Aki and Gabe Gross playing their hearts out with grateful smiles. I miss Steve Henderson too. I don’t need to hear my hometown turned into a punchline for New York douche bags. I’ve lived in New York for a long time and know the mentality a lot of the people there can have, many of them believe they are better than everyone else. Move em’, or shut the fuck up. I am sick of their threats.

  9. Tampa Ray Fan says:

    The new staduium needs to be in downtown Tampa. By the time the stadium is built the high speed rail from Orlando and Tampa’s lite rail will be almost complete. Keep in mind that while the Devil Rays were losing the Tampa Yankees attracted about the same amount of fans. Even the Lighting outdrew the Devil Rays.

  10. Discv says:

    Idiot mayors like Foster are an effect of so few people voting in small elections like for mayor. The guy honestly believes people and dinosaurs walked the earth together, he’s not too bright. It’ll be really disappointing if the Rays move due to St. Pete’s government being so damned dumb.

  11. bob guckenberger says:

    Sternburg doesn’t live here, doesn’t even have a beach condo here and rarely shows up at games. Don’t expect any loyalty to the area from him. If the Yankees and Mets would allow it, he would back up the moving trucks tomorrow with a GPS pointing the way to Brooklyn.

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