Yesterday, when we posted the postseason roster, we noted that Dioner Navarro was among those not asked to stay and keep working out with the club in case a player is injured or the team makes changes before the ALCS. Well, it turns out that Navarro was asked to stay. But he apparently has better things to do with his time (via Marc Topkin of the St. Pete Times)…

The Rays wanted Navarro to remain with the team and keep working out so he’d be in shape in case they needed to add him to the roster in the event of injury, or for the next round should they advance…But Navarro, who was sent to the minors for two months and played sparingly after his Sept. 1 recall (10 games, five starts), declined, and seemingly brought his tenure with the Rays to a bad ending. He made $2.1 million this season and will be eligible for arbitration again.

Geez. His own Percivilian moment.

And so, Navarro, who may be the most unlikely player ever to have played in an All-Star game, will in all likelihood be looking for a home in 2011. Of course, with Kelly Shoppach under contract for 2011 and John Jaso a Joe Maddon favorite, that fate was probably sealed long ago.

Anyway…here is hoping the door doesn’t hit Navarro in the ass on the way out. The door might break.



  1. John says:

    Really immature by Navi. Don’t know what else to say.

  2. Hal says:

    Most unlikely to have ever played, only because they didn’t let Lance Carter play.

  3. raysfan137 says:

    I don’t like this move by Navi, but it is at least little tough to criticize him for feeling betrayed on this. Here we are talking about why Shields is pitching, and one reason we hear is his post season experience. Meanwhile Navi was key player for us in ’08, is not hitting any WORSE than Shoppach, IMO is better defensively, and is a switch hitter. Yet they go with Shop Vac (named for his propensity to suck at the plate, not for his ability to sweep up everything behind it) ?

    • Stephanie says:

      Totally agree. Navi should have stayed with the team, but I can’t blame the guy for being upset at being supplanted by Shoppach.

    • Alex says:

      Its funny. You say Navarro is a switch hitter. Really because I have a real hard time remembering the last time Navarro even got a hit. When you bat under .200 from both sides of the plate its hard to consider him a hitter.

      Oh and as for Navi’s defense. Where do people keep getting this from? Is it because he was an All Star in 08? That was a joke. His second half was typical garbage Navarro. His what I remember most about Navi. For any ball in the dirt. Forget about him actually blocking it. Navi was to damn lazy and the ball was generally getting past him 90% of the time. Navi’s throwing? Sure he made some nice throws occasionally and he may have thrown out more people than Jaso but the other 70% of his throws would either land 15 feet in front of 2nd base or 10 feet in the outfield.

      Stop defending Navi people. He was and always will be a terrible, fat, lazy catcher who got progressively worse.

  4. Georg says:

    I don’t understand why Kelly Shoppach is the other catcher. Jaso hits better than Shoppach and Navarro is a much better defensive catcher.

    • When you pt it like that, it makes me think a Jaso/Navi duo would be better.

    • Alex says:

      Yea lets replace terrible defense with mediocre defense. At least when Shoppach does make contact he hits the ball hard. He can hit it out of the park or get us a sac fly. When was the last time Navarro even hit the ball out of the infield?

  5. Don says:

    Feel sorry for Navarro?…He made $2mil this year…more than
    90% of the people in the US….For doing what…hitting .200…
    OH well Shopp gets $3mil next year…guaranteed…and he can’t hit .200 ….somebody? making “good” decisions…

  6. cubfanraysaddict says:

    Good news, isn’t it funny that a roster spot opened up immediately. This move does take away about my whole stable of Rays jokes (mostly centered around a Dioner Navarro HR swing aka a ground out).

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