The Rays can clinch the AL East and home-field advantage tonight with a win and if the Yankees get swept by the Red Sox in their double-header.

If the Rays don’t win the division, they will fly directly to Minneapolis following Sunday’s game. But if the Rays do win the AL East tonight or tomorrow, there will be party at The St. Pete-Clearwater Airport. Or will there be? (via The St. Pete Times)…

Mayor Bill Foster says there will be…

Mayor Bill Foster told the Times last week that if the Rays clinched, the city would throw an airport celebration. “We will meet them on the tarmac,” he said.

The airport disagrees…

“The city of St. Petersburg isn’t holding a celebration at our airport,” said spokeswoman Michele Routh. “There is no party on the tarmac.”

But later clarified…

[In 2008] they didn’t have it on the tarmac, but in the baggage claim area. That’s probably where it would be held again.”

OK. So there will be a party at the airport. Can we at least agree on who is throwing the party? Um, nope. Above, Foster said the city is throwing the party. But…

“It is something we are hosting for our fans,” said Rays spokesman Rick Vaughn.

Which led to Mayor Foster changing his tune a bit…

“I’m not sure what our participation is because it is on airport property, which is outside the city and is governed by a different jurisdiction…That’s nothing that I can help them with. If (the Rays) want us to do an e-mail blast or market it, we will do that. But I’m not aware that they’d need any city participation.”

Oh yeah. This fight for a new stadium is going to be a treat.



  1. Erick says:

    Who cares about a party at the airport? They way this team is playing right now they will be swept in the playoffs. How about they get their heads out of their asses and beat a team that made their vacation plans 3 months ago.

  2. AndyC says:

    Afraid the way the team has been STINKIN UP their games these last few days, their celebration days are over for the year :(( I HOPE NOT, but the Team must start to play like they CARE again!!!


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