There are only 54 in existence now. But soon that will change. The 2010 answer to the “Rayhawk” is the BRayser. And of course, the Rays are never ones to miss out on a merchandising opportunity

But, the jacket is not available to the public just yet. A small boutique in New York was commissioned to create the first order. Now the challenge is to mass produce the BRayzer to get these in the hands of fans.  “We are trying to work with the people who own the material, and the design. They are very happy to do it,” said Fernandez. The problem is, “Do they have the capacity to do it in time so folks can get what they want?”

In the meantime, you will have to settle for a Brayser cap.



  1. Rumpy says:

    Im getting married in November, do you think I can convince my fiance to let my groomsmen wear these? (halfway serious question)

  2. JoeRaysFan says:

    Goodness. Aren't there any small boutiques in St. Pete. They had to go to New York to find a broad to make an ugly jacket. Ridiculous.


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