With the Rays win last night, coupled with some late-inning heroics from the Red Sox in their night-cap against the Yankees, the Rays and Yankees are now tied at 95-66 with one game to go. With the Rays holding the tie-breaker over the Yankees, that means the Rays will win the AL East with either a win over the Royals or a Yankees loss to the Red Sox this afternoon.

And if the Rays do win the division, they would also clinch home-field advantage in the American League. With the Rays holding the tie-breaker and a 1-game lead over the Twins, the Rays win last night eliminated the Twins from contention for the #1 seed.



  1. Mike says:

    Assuming we win the east, any chance we get a night game on Wednesday or Thursday or we will get a day game? Any way to know?

    • Alex says:

      My friend that works at the Trop just called me and told me that if the Rays win the division they get two day games Wednesday and Thursday. That's what they told him as far as their schedule for working at the Trop. So looks like we're getting the shaft so MLB can put the Yankees on at night just like 08

      • Beth says:

        So, I guess a Rays-Texas game gets the equivalent of the "kids table" of TV coverage.

        Let's see some of our elected officials and business leaders show their support for the team by letting people leave early, or having the game broadcasts available at work (within limits, of course; I'd prefer that the surgeon doing my triple by-pass is totally focused on work!)

  2. Beth says:

    Wade Davis, bring this division title home!

    • Don says:

      Wade Davis doesn't hit (score runs)..except to give up home runs to the other team...I guess thats scoring runs....

  3. Dustin says:

    Let's! Go! Rays!


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