The hometown paper of Drew Vettleson, spoke with this year’s supplemental first-round draft pick (#42 overall) for the Rays. Vettleson, an outfielder, gave some insight into how the Rays handle their top draft picks.

[Vettleson and Josh Sale] hung out with the Gulf Coast Rookie League team, and returned home for a few days before heading back to Tampa’s spring training base at Port Charlotte, Fla., for the Instructional League. That’s where they were introduced to the Tampa Way…“With the Rays organization, they take everything slow…they slowly eased [guys] into it so as not try to overwhelm guys real quick…They see something they don’t like, they stop you right away…And you don’t make that mistake again. That pushes you to do the right thing.”

And Vettleson, who was used as a right fielder during instructional league, was not interested in getting caught up in life away from home. The story talks about how Vettleson was up at 6am everyday and didn’t go out like some guys did nearly every night.

This piece even offers some insight into the financial situation of minor leaguers…

As a baseball player on the low end of the minor league scale, Vettleson earns $1,200 a month while in camp. But because they take $15 away per day for housing and Florida State income tax and federal income tax, he lives on $500 a month. He thinks he can manage that for now, although he did waiver a bit and wondered if buying a new car out of the bonus money [$854K] — which is invested — might be a good thing.

Vettleson says he wants to be in the big leagues by 2014. It sounds like his first few steps have been in the right direction.



  1. nate says:

    Florida income tax? At the personal level?

    • Beth says:

      Good catch, Nate. Either this newspaper is in error, or poor Drew is getting ripped off!

    • Kevin says:

      Could be that he's earning the wages in Florida but Washington State is taxing them. I know in NJ it doesn't matter where you earn the wages, but since his primary state is (probably) Washington, they can take income taxes on his Florida wages.

      Although I just looked it up and Washington doesn't have a personal income tax either. Chalk it up to newspaper error

  2. hellrayser says:

    But I thought he just wanted to play foosball!


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