The Rays were down to their last six outs, but they won 6-3 going away.

All of a sudden, Joe is feeling pretty good. Joe’s all buckled up in the rollercoaster and screaming like a girl. 

While the “W” to pull them to 2-1 in the ALDS series is only one win, Joe’s quite certain the Rays picked up a mental edge on the Rangers, especially with the 16-hour turnaround until Sunday’s first pitch in Game 4.

If you’re a Rangers fan and a Rangers player, then you feel like you choked big time. Given the Rangers’ lack of playoff experience, that can only help the Rays.

Joe’s going to drink every ounce of Kool-Aid and believe Carlos Pena has snapped out of his funk, finding a way to look not just a hitter today, but a dangerous one. And he rectified the crappy defense he showed in Game 1. Surely, he can find it in himself to not look lost tomorrow. Hey, ya gotta believe. That’s all Rays fans have left right now.

John Jaso and Dan Johnson cranked out huge hits, and the pitching finally looked like what won games for the Rays all season long. And what do you know, Joaquin Benoit can pitch more than one inning. What a concept.

Still plenty of good seats available for Game 5 at the Trop.



  1. cubfanraysaddict says:

    Agreed on Benoit, there were too many times this year when he was taken out after 10 pitches. One interesting note from the game was Maddon leaving DanJo in to face Oliver, I was frustrated at the time (wondering why Maddon would save his bench). Like Jonah Keri said though, "Maddons mission is to make you hate him, then make you love him all over again".

  2. Cork's Dad says:

    Well, even in Guatemala, this was a big win. There are tons of Texas ex-pats down here and we Rays fans can gloat today. I mentioned the need for the Rays to show some heart and some "want" to win. They gave me a better feeling today. Let's hope it is for real. Go Rays!

    Now, to discuss MLB umpiring ...

  3. Gatorbuc15 says:

    You just gotta believe baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. nward63 (in England) says:

    I really believe we have the upper hand now. 2-1 is not bad by any means and we got there the best way. Stronger than having split the home series and lost last night, much much stronger than if our win had been game 1 then lost 2 and 3. If you're gonna be down 2-1 this is the way to get there. Rays are on a roll.
    I believe.

  5. Rick says:

    Joe - haven't you learned anything about this team? When you think they're dead, they come alive. When you think they'll never win another game again, they do. And when you think their bats are coming alive and pitching is unbeatable, they go into hibernation.

    There's absolutely no consistency with this team. I'm afraid they're going to break all of our hearts in the end.

  6. hellrayser says:

    I'm kind of curious to hear how you feel about the umpiring, Cork. You think all the ridiculous calls justify replay throughout the year? Just in the postseason? Because even as bad as our offense has been, any reasonable observer thinks the Rays been hosed particularly badly over the past few days. It might balance out over a season, but when it's only five games and every call matters...

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I think expanding replay in the postseason is definitely a good idea. They use maybe twice as many cameras in the postseason, so it is easy to get the right call. That being said, they still will never use it on something like check-swings. Only fair/foul, out/safe, foul tips. Things that aren't judgement calls.

  7. Don says:

    Amazing what the Rays can do when..... Pena/Upton "participate" in the game.....they had 3 hits (out of 11 for the team) and 3RBIs...thanks for your contributions...Maybe Pena listened to his own speech?
    NOW..lets see if this was a one game wonder....

    Prediction: IF Pena/Upton contribute, Jaso plays, Zo bats 2nd, and the mean Florida redneck (Davis) shows his ass...
    We WILL be at the Trop. Tue night!

    • Don says:

      Exactly what happened!...See you at the Trop. Tue. night, party time...I think Price is pissed off enough..... if the hitters can get him 2/3 will be enough!


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