Here is a snippet from the “Dear John” letter we wrote for Yahoo! Sports. It is kinda like Rays Index on amphetamines…

In the end, you stayed a little longer than you were supposed to, Rays. We probably should have just listened to all the experts and their preseason predictions. We probably should have just called it off after the regular season. Then you got hot and played well. You were a first-place team almost wire-to-wire. But just when you were starting to get interesting you go and lose to a Texas Rangers team that had a smaller payroll than you.

Do you know how much that sucks? Now we can’t even play the “payroll card.”

Dear John letters: Your 2010 Tampa Bay Rays [Yahoo! Sports]



  1. Greg says:

    “Maybe you could have given him (Pat Burrell) a glove and told him to go stand in foul territory”

    Thanks for the laugh – that’s a great line. I am already looking forward to spring training. The playoffs are about who gets hot. We weren’t hot. We might be better than you think next year. Go Rays!

  2. Don says:

    After the season looking back…I keep wondering WHY this season was not near as FUN as 2008…we won as many games, we won the division…we had better “young”, exciting type players….WHY the bad feelings compared to 2008…
    Was it getting tired of Maddon after he had everyone fooled in 2008, was there more hitters, bad slumps, loafing…mental mistakes.. We played a bad World Series in 2008… but everyone was still up and excited for the season we had AFTER it was over…
    NOT TRUE for 2010…what happened?..gloom ends 2010!
    I think the players felt it too!

    • Gus says:

      It was the pressure of the “big” payroll, actually. That, plus how well they played in spring training through mid-May set this up as a World Series or bust year. Home field advantage. Pants McGee, etc. All of it started to weigh on the team.

      Until i die, I’ll believe that the failure to add a piece that could help at the trade deadline, plus the negative ownership-attendance issues, killed the 2008 mojo. I like to root for a team, not worry about its attendance.

      • MJ says:

        Interesting thinking about the Pants Rowland reference by Maddon. Did the thought of channeling a team that won a world series weigh on the mind of the team? It sounds stupid, but i bet Maddon will consider that during his 3 week sabbatical/retreat. They def looked tight during the alds. Much more at stake this year.

      • Sarah says:

        Gus, I think you make an excellent point. I get that the attendance issues are real, but I resent however our own front office making this such a big issue, even in the middle of a pennant race. I’m willing to spend an embarrassing amount of time, money, and emotional energy caring about my baseball team. Now I gotta worry about their bottom line, too? Sorry, not part of the “fan” job description. And I also agree that letting the trade deadline pass without a move was problematic. The Rays’ offensive problems were quite evident by July. So there was no one out there better than Brad Hawpe?

        • Namirsolo says:

          What made this season “not as fun” for me was the realization that this was probably the last year that they would have a shot. Every loss had the potential to take them out of the post season (at least until late September) and we had the owner reminding us constantly that payroll was going to be cut at the end of the year. The pressure was on. Then the media was constantly reminding us that Pena and Crawford and Soriano would probably all be gone at the end of the year, too.
          In 2008 we felt like something amazing was happening. Every win defied expectations. This year we were in a place where wins were expected and losses weren’t as easily accepted.

    • MJ says:

      It’s a difference in expectations for the team.

    • Dre says:

      i have to agree with MJ – there was an expectation this time around, so there was potential for disappointment. in 2008, there was this carefree, “we’ll take what we can get” feeling. they played with a sort of recklessness that made it so much fun to watch, and any achievement was icing on the cake. we were so used to losing that when they did well there was nothing but elation. let’s face it – 2009 was a small let down, but anything short of the world series this year was going to be heart-wrenching.

  3. PeteJones2010 says:

    That was a great article. Truly an enjoyable read. Thanks for the laughs

  4. JerBear50 says:

    “Yes, I will always be Chasing the 2010 Rays.”
    Does this make Crawford our “Fingercuffs?”

  5. John says:

    This really isn’t that complicated. 2008 was a surprise. It was the hot girl asking the freshman backup quarterback to go to the prom with her. “Who? Me???? You must have confused me with 2010.”

    See, 2010 was the year that it was supposed to happen. WE were going to be the starting QB and homecoming king. So even with a WS win this year, it would not have been as satisfying simply because it was expected.

    Of course, we didn’t win because that cocky freshman stole our girl. Which makes it even worse. Fugging freshman. I hate them.

    • Don says:

      That sounds logical… sort of like finding a $10 bill (2008) on the street…
      and in 2010 the bully stole your lunch money or your girlfriend…
      BUT the bad side of that philosophy…the team (players) didn’t put up much of a fight for their money or their girl friend!

  6. The BIZ says:

    IT still hurts……… very painful to watch even an inning of playoffs right now

    • Don says:

      Speaking of watching the playoffs…I watch Pat (the Bat) Burrell hit last night… and you got to be kidding me…Something don’t smell right for the time he spent with the Rays…THis guy forgot how to hit here??? come on….Maddon tell the truth….your an idiot “person” manager or Burrell can’t hit…which is it???

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