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Of the 20 biggest bargains in baseball, only five (25%) are pitchers despite making up nearly half of most rosters. While teams will always need good pitching to be successful, this shows that teams are more likely to find value with position players. It is the overachieving hitters that will turn a $70 million payroll into a 95-win team.

Josh Hamilton Plays $29M Above His Measly $3.25M Salary [Business Insider]



  1. Don says:

    Thats riduculous….Longo got $47 mil for 7 years…My math is not real good but that figures out to $7mil a year guaranteed! I don’t care what his SALARY is quoted as…
    Most good prospects his age/experience are making $400,000…
    The Jaso’s, Brig.’s and S.Rodz are playing cheap NOT Longo!

    • Stephanie says:

      Why are you holding Longoria’s future salary against him? Do you really think Jaso, Briggy and S-Rod are going to make $400k for the next 7 years? Look at what Bartlett is set to make and he isn’t close to being as good as Longo.

      We get it. Ballplayers are overpaid. Longo is still a bargain relative to other players with similar talent.

      • Namirsolo says:

        I think it has to do with how much they are paid relative to their talent. S-Rod, Jaso and Brignac are just not in the same boat. Sure they are great, but they are not as good.

      • Don says:

        I wonder how many major league players who hit .290 in their 1st 3/4 years made $7mil a year?
        The point is LOngo is being payed big $ in his early years when other top prospects are being paid peanuts..
        I don’t consider that being “taken advantage of”..

        • Stephanie says:

          He isn’t making $7 million a year. He is guaranteed less that $20 million for his first six years. The Rays have several club options, but they don’t have to keep him (or pay him) if they don’t feel he is worth it.

          Welcome to the 21st century, Don. It’s not all about batting average. Plenty of players with less talent and production than Longoria make more money.

          • Namirsolo says:

            Yeah, he is making less than 1 million a year and currently Willy Aybar is making more than double what he is, to give you an idea of just how little he is paid relative to his talent.

          • Namirsolo says:

            And to add to what I have said, Longoria is not a “top prospect” although he was when he signed the contract. He has now proven himself for three years in the majors, which is worth more than any amount of potential. And as far as hype and potential went, going into his rookie year, he has pretty much as good as they come. The Rays got an excellent deal with him. I just hope when his contract is up he’ll be inclined to stay with them because currently there is no way they can actually pay him what he is worth.

  2. ben says:

    That sucks you messed up the Votto/Hamilton part on your link/title etc……bad contract info from somewhere, incorrect graph?

  3. hellrayser says:

    Nice article.

    I did find this a bit puzzling: “…These numbers suggest Francisco Liriano should probably also be part of the [Cy Young] discussion…”

    Are you saying that the Cy Young race should take salary into account? I’d rather it didn’t. As much as that would help pitchers with lower salaries like David Price, I’d just rather assess players by their on-field accomplishments than (in some cases) the ineptitude of their agents.

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