Last Friday, JP Peterson of “Happy Hour with JP Peterson” on WQYK AM1010, announced that his request for postseason press credentials had been denied by the Rays. It is unclear if the Rays gave Peterson a reason for denying his request, but Peterson believes it is because the Rays think he is too critical of the team, saying “If you are critical of the team, you won’t get credentials.”

You can listen to the entire segment by clicking on this link…

JP credential discussion.mp3

When we contacted the Rays, we were told the credentials were based on the “number of times a news outlet covers the team during the season.” According to the Rays, this lead to their decision to give a postseason credential to a different member of 1010’s staff.

Speaking from our own experience, we can confirm that we have at different times had our access to the Rays limited when they were unhappy with the content on this website. You can say that we occasionally get put in timeout. As for credentials to this year’s postseason, we don’t know. While we were approved for credentials in 2008 (despite not covering the Rays from The Trop at all during the regular season), we haven’t asked this year.



  1. Amanda says:

    I'm no fan of that station by any means, but J.P. Peterson (from my recolections from when I watched him on WFLA and when he filled in from Chris Thomas) was always fair. And even though I haven't heard his current radio program, I can't imagine anyone being more critical that Steve Duemig. And that's not a knock on either Peterson or Duemig. They both have every right to point out faults in our sports teams as long as they're being truthful, the same way I would expect news reporters to point out faults in our politicians and other public figures. It keeps them honest, and it's protected by the First Amendment.

    Did anyone hear what Peterson said? Was it that bad?

  2. Don says:

    I don't think it was a matter of him saying "bad things" about the Rays ...I mean who doesn't (Duemig, Dan the football man Ect)....I think the Rays have a million request for "media Credentials"...and basically there are "bigger fish to fry" than Peterson and his rinky dinky radio station!

  3. Brixology says:

    Think 620 had anything to do with this?

    • leningan says:

      I don't know because some 1010 staff member received credentials...

      this lead to their decision to give a postseason credential to a different member of 1010′s staff.

      Unless 620 reserves their hatred solely for JP.

    • Blake says:

      JP Peterson is overtaking Deumig in 620 could feel threatened. It wouldn't surprise me.

      Many of the hosts on 1010 have lamented in the past the lack of availability of players from the Rays to their station ever since the Rays broadcasts moved to 620 last year. I personally can't stand any of the 620 hosts, I think they are all just shock jocks looking to turn ratings. I like Mike Pepper and his crew in the morning on 1010. I also like Toby David in the afternoon, but Shaun King sometimes makes it unbearable to listen to with his inane comments. Overall JP is good, but sometimes he seems to revert into shock jock mode as well...but nothing like Deumig.

    • Amanda says:

      I doubt it. 620's M.O. has been to not acknowledge their competitors, but they've never tried to block anyone, as far as I can remember. Just like the Rays don't have a say in what their flagship station can say about the team, 620 doesn't have a say in who the Rays can give press credentials to. Maybe Peterson did something behind the scenes that caused a riff.

  4. JP Hater says:

    Peterson is a Putz anyway along with most of the radio toolbags in Tampa.

  5. Bill says:

    The Rays have the least-friendly public and media relations staff I've been around. Rick Vaughn is ok, but too grizzled for his job. He should be softening now that he doesn't have to cover up for Vince Naimoli and the organization isn't a joke anymore.
    The sad thing is the overseer of media credential is a damn glorified secretary, Carmen Molina. Chris Costello is the best part of the group.

  6. yobuc says:

    Maybe they deny press box access for those who don't work when they're in press box. A talk show host -- critical leanings aside -- is just taking up space in the press box where people are actually taking notes, writing stories, etc. Why not have your station rent out a luxury box if you don't wish to mingle with the unwashed?


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