The Rays may *only* average 23,000 fans per game, but at least they don’t have to resort to fake fans. That is what one Italian soccer team has done recently

For the first time in four years, nearly every seat in the “Colaussi” stand, which runs along one side of the field and faces the television cameras, appeared to be taken. That stand alone, which holds 10,000 fans, would have nearly doubled the team’s average attendance from the previous year…On television, the crowd looked impressive. But in person, the scene looked a bit strange. The fans were clad in scarves and winter coats—unusual for a balmy September afternoon. They failed to make a sound when the home team ran out on the field and didn’t budge when the match ended in a scoreless draw…Turns out there was a good reason for this: These “fans” were actually two-dimensional images of fans printed on a giant sheet of vinyl and stretched across the empty seats.

Fake fans. Sounds like Red Sox Nation.



  1. Adam W says:

    Better than Red Sox fans. At least these guys don’t get sloppy drunk and beligerant.

  2. Don says:

    I don’t know who sells these “two dimensional fans” but the Bucs would like to talk to them!
    And Adam ….ask Rays owners if these would be better than Red Sox fans!

  3. Jacob says:

    On the subject of attendance. Did you happen to see the attendance of the series in New York this past week. The Yankees couldn’t sellout Yankees Stadium for a match-up of the teams with the two best records in baseball. They couldn’t even sellout on Steinbrenner Memorial night drawing just 90% capacity.

    Just a fun fact: The Yankees only have something like 15 sellouts the whole year. Cork, do you know how many sellouts the Rays have? I have counted at least 4.

  4. Don says:

    Media has a mentality of kick the small guy plus “bandwagon reporting” of Rays attendance…they wouldn’t dare say anything in “media” about attendance in New york/Boston!

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