The GBT – The Good, The Bad and The Telling sandwich, where The Bad is nice and lean and the The Telling is ripe.

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  • The Durham Bulls won game 3 (see below) of the Governor’s Cup Finals to stay alive in the best-of-5 IL Championship series.
  • The Yankees series was the second-most watched series of the season averaging a 9.6 rating (172,185 households).
  • Dewayne Staats writes a column calling for Manager’s Challenge in MLB. [Sun Sports]
  • Gary Shelton says Derek Jeter is better than what he put on display Wedensday. [St. Pete Times]
  • Raheem Morris doesn’t need silly BRaysers to motivate his players. []
  • Andrew Friedman appeared on 1010 Sports and did not deny that his nickname in college was “nails,” due to his similarity to Lenny Dykstra…Apparently when both left baseball and went to Wall Street, that is where the similarities ended (Audio). [1010 Sports]
  • Carlos Pena will be unveiling his own wine (above) at a benefit for the two Tampa police officers that were shot and killed in June. [St. Pete Times]
  • We are shocked to learn that many Yankees fans are criminals (thanks Nicholas). [New York Times]
  • Derek Jeter on the cover of Emmy magazine. [TAUNTR]
  • Is Evan Longoria the best defensive player in baseball? [SB Nation]
  • DJ Kitty? Anybody have an explanation? [MLB]


  • DURHAM 3, Columbus 2 (Columbus leads 2-1, best-of-5): After blowing a 2-0 lead, Leslie Anderson drove in the winning run with a bases-loaded sac fly in the bottom of the 9th…Alex Cobb started and pitched 4 shutout innings, striking out 3.




  1. Don says:

    Why is G. Sheldon commenting on sports (baseball in this case) when he obviously doesn't know anything about "playing sports? Last week it was Rays fans should be HAPPY.... and how wonderfull that were we in second place!
    He reminds me of the little fat kid who used to sit under a shade tree with a book while us athletes were on the field trying to win a game and he couldn't understand why we worked (tried) so hard?
    After all.... its only a game...Right Sheldon?

    • Brian H says:

      Matt Silverman was on radio saying the samething about fans like you don, that if he didnt know better if he was just listening to sports radio you would think these people were talking about a .500 team.

      BTW i think 75% of radio callers are "don's"

    • d-money says:

      I'm sure you love the Rays and I'm sure you know your baseball but seriously man get a grip. How many teams in the history of baseball have led their division from start to finish? Much less a division that includes the Rays, Yankees and RedSox.

      I think you miss the point. Shelton isn't saying that second place is good enough. But the only first place that really matters is the one at the end of October. The Rays are in great position to make a run and it really doesn't matter if at the moment they are a half game back or a half game ahead of the Yankees.

      Enjoy what we are witnessin at the end of the season when the Rays have won the World Series you'll wish you had enjoyed this teriffic season instead of bitching about it all along the way.

      • Don says:

        Well d-money you are off the money on this one! I guarantee I enjoy every minute of the baseball season! But its people like you and Sheldon, I guess in this case, that really don't realize what goes on with the team on a DAILEY basis..... that has everything to do with their success at the end of the year!
        So you and Sheldon, can live with the 2nd place people were "things really don't matter right now", and everything is going to be OK in the future! I prefer the: "something is not right... lets correct it... and the chances for our success will be BETTER!... Sorry but thats life in MY world!

  2. Amanda says:

    Cork, what's the magic number? I've lost count.

  3. Brian H says:

    Dj kitty is a bit they play at the staidium, not sure why but its hilarious.

  4. MJ says:

    Interesting note from Jayson Stark's insider column re: the tie breaker rules (1. head to head, 2. interdivision record). Essentially, since the Rays hold the advantage of 8-6 on the Yanks and a 3.5 game lead when it comes to interdivision record, the Yanks would have to sweep the 4 game series w the Rays if they were to win the AL East if both teams are tied overall after game 162. Rays have only been swept once and lost 4 in a row only once this year. Let's say the Yanks take 3 of 4, that puts the head to head at 9-9. The Rays only have 3 games other than the Yanks in the AL East (against the Os), where the Yanks remaining series are @BAL, TAM, BOS, @TOR. Currently Rays have 26 loses in 65 AL East games, where as the Yanks have 25 loses in only 56 AL East games. THE POINT IS, the Rays essentially have a 2 game lead in the loss column, not 1, barring the unlikely Yankees sweep (knock on wood).


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