Cy Young Award-winner Zack Greinke pitched like it was 2009. Thing is, it’s not.

Last year Greinke was masterful in becoming the best starter in the American League. This year, eh, he’s ordinary, with a losing record and an ERA over 4.00.

Of course, the elixir for a starter pitcher’s ills is to face the Derek Shelton-tutored Rays bats. The Rays managed four hits on a struggling pitcher. For a team that has the American League East title in their grasps, this is inexcusable, until one remembers who the hitting coach is.

Once again Joe states he’d be more comfortable with Gary Shelton as the Rays hitting instructor.

Consider the Rays have scored a grand total of seven runs in four games against a pair of teams with heinous ERAs.

Ah, the Derek Shelton syndrome.

Just as Rays fans cherish these final moments of Carl Crawford wearing the local threads, so too can we all hope Shelton is out the door quicker than CC.



  1. Caity says:

    Ah yep, Couldnt agree with you more on Shelton. We need to win the AL East, and Shelton aint helping.

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Shelton is a 200 pound weight tied around the neck of the Rays hitters.
    He’s useless.

  3. Tone says:

    How about that SUPER play in left field by Carl? He managed to take a sure double and turn it into a triple(usually he does that offensively). They are a terrible offensive team, runs scored stats be damned.

    • Namirsolo says:

      Yeah, the problem tonight seemed to be defense mostly. The score would have been 2-0 Rays if they hadn’t made blunders in the field. Zobrist shouldn’t have been playing 3rd, for one.

      • Gatorbuc15 says:

        I think it’s safe to say that Maddon has no idea what he’s doing. He’ll probably put Shoppach in CF before the season ends.

  4. The defense wasn’t so hot tonight, but you are not going to win a lot of games scoring just 2 runs. This is one of the strangest teams I’ve ever seen.

    We should be hitting the ball much better than we are, and I am not one to blame a coach when we are talking about major league hitters, but maybe it does have something to do with coaching.

    I just know it’s time to pick it up.

  5. Joe, are you saying we should have beat Grienke as easily as we should have beat Millwood? Did you see some of those pitches Grienke was throwing? My goodness – 96mph at the knees with movement. We could have had Ted Williams’s frozen head as our hitting coach – we weren’t hitting Grienke.
    Millwood, on the other hand, should have been human batting practice. Not saying Shelton isn’t to blame sometimes, but not last night.

  6. Everybody’s overlooking the obvious for the slump: No Longo. He’s the best hitter on a team of mediocre hitters. This isn’t 2008, without Longo… these guys are toast. I’m telling you now, if he’s not a 100% for ALDS Game 1… it could get nasty.

    • Sarah says:

      I have to agree with you. The Rays hitting has been mediocre much of the year, but this recent pathetic slump coincides with Longoria’s injury. And even the poor defense — there have been several errors committed by Johnson and Zobrist filling in at third. Didn’t Aybar fill in for Longoria in 2008 on a regular basis? Have his skills deteriorated, and if not, why not go with that option?

    • Gatorbuc15 says:

      True, it hurts not having Longo in the line up. But I think that Carl is an all around better hitter than Longoria.

      • Sarah says:

        Does it matter? The Rays only have two regular hitters whose averages are over .265. Losing either one of them creates an enormous hole in the line-up– moreso for the Rays than for teams where a few other guys can hit the ball. And it may be easier to replace Carl on defense than Longoria — very little margin for error at third base.

        • This team’s offense is way different than 2008. That year, you had a lot more guys that could hit (some were having career years). This year, you have 2, count them, 2 guys that are hitting. If you take away one of those guys, the offense is going to suffer. I’m real concerned about Longo not being ready next week. If he’s out, we’re going to be trouble.

  7. Don says:

    Aybar saved our ass in 2008 at third… plus he IS one of our best (clutch) hitters …does Maddon forget all this shit…
    Get off the wine Joe…get in the game…before the game (division title) is over!

    • @Don You sure love some Aybar.. don’t you? :)

      • Don says:

        I like ALL players that do their job….I don’t understand people (managers) that don’t understand the “circumstances” that got them where they are at today….I’m drunk as much as Maddon and I remember which player did a good job for the team at 3rd in 2008…It wasn’t Zo, DJ or Rodz…..

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