It’s great to shove a playoff-like victory up the Yankees rear, but never in Joe’s recent memory can he remember wanting the win so badly just to stick it to an umpire.

What, is egomaniacal Tom Hallion somehow mad at Carl Crawford because Hallion blew that World Series call against him two years ago? For the pretty soft spoken, veteran Crawford to get ejected in the ninth tonight for a few comments after a called third strike was ridiculous.

Shouldn’t happen in a gem of a game like this. And Hallion was inconsistent, in Joe’s eyes, and quick with the attitude to Carlos Pena.

What sweet justice it was for Reid Brignac, in just his 10th at bat of the month, to take Crawford’s spot in the order and jack the game-winner in the 11th for the 1-0 victory and sole possession of first place.

The Rays gave everything any fan could ask tonight. They took the fight the full 15 rounds.

It’s just one game, but Joe can hope David Price is in the Yanks heads a bit.

Joe also wonders whether the mad scientest in the dugout will give Brignac some more action.



  1. Al says:

    What a game! What a win! Well pitched by both starters. Hallion is an ass. He wasn't about to let Maddon get in there to save Carl. He was full of pompous attitude. I'm happy for Reid. Enjoyed that game thoroughly.

  2. Amanda says:

    I know you didn't mention this, but here goes ... From the AP story on the Braves/Nats in Atlanta:

    "He earned an ovation from the small crowd of 18,647 with his 1,500th career strikeout against Ian Desmond in the fourth."

    26K+ doesn't sound that bad now, does it?

  3. Tone says:

    Sweet victory, for the team and Reid.

  4. Gatorbuc15 says:

    What a great pitching duel! Both C.C. and Price pitched an excellent game tonight! And thanks to Reid, the Rays came out on top in the end.
    What a great game!

    Go rays!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Leighroy says:

      Agreed, this really lived up to it's billing as a pitcher's duel. I read that this was the first time in seven years that two AL pitchers with at least 17 wins and 150 strikeouts faced each other. Pretty nuts to come out on top.

      I feel like with Price, we finally have that guy to go toe-to-toe with anyone's ace and our team can pull through in the end like we did tonight. It's going to be a special postseason!!!

  5. KillaTapes says:

    Best game of the season, so much fun to watch. Couldn't help but think about the playoffs while watching this one, it had that electric feel that pitcher's duels have in important playoff games!


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