It pains us to write this post. But we feel compelled to point out that Pat Burrell now has 17 home runs in 90 games with the Giants. That would project to about 31 home runs over a full season. He has also posted a .370 OBP and an .880 OPS. All those numbers are comparable to his last season in Philadelphia (33HR, .367OBP, .875OPS). That was just before the Rays gave him $16 million.

And what makes this even more painful, is that the Rays are still paying Burrell to help the Giants quest for the playoffs. And what if the Rays and Giants meet in the World Series? The Rays would be paying the salary of one of the opposing team’s best hitters.

That just sounds like a party in a box *head meets table*.



  1. Don says:

    Not defending the guys performance at the Rays ( I really can’t stand Him…attitude and all) BUT he was totally mishandled by Rays coaching staff…NEVER was given a chance to prove he could/couldn’t play right field…when we DIDN’T HAVE ONE!…… A disaster!

  2. Blake says:

    Only reason I am firmly rooting against the Giants to make the playoffs/lose in first round.

  3. Beth says:

    And let’s not forget his teammate, Aubrey Huff, who never stank like Pat, but who left us with some not so kind thoughts. The idea of the two of them pouring champagne (and Pat doing it on our dime)….I’m sure all Rays will join me in a chant of ” Let’s Go Padres!”

    • Ken Kandefer says:

      I would rather face SF in the WS than the Phillies. Both teams have 3 great SP’s but SF doesn’t have the offensive power that the Phil’s have. I would feel worse if we lost the WS twice to Phillie than lose to SF.

      • Beth says:

        I see your point. And rationally I’d rather see the Rays face the Giants than the Phillies, I guess.

        But leaving rational aside, how do you feel about Pat Burrell receiving a post season bonus on top of the $8 million the Rays owe him?

        I’m not saying I’d take the Giants over the Phillies. I’m saying I hope the Giants just don’t get to the post season at all. Go Padres!

        • Ken Kandefer says:

          I would not be a happy camper if PB gets anymore money this year because of his performance with the Rays.I would agree with your idea as long as the Padres beat the Phillies in the playoffs!! That would be the best of both worlds!!

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