A look at the Rays roster shows us that no player that has played a game for the Rays this season is currently on the disabled list. But that doesn’t mean the Rays don’t have any injuries.

First there were the recent trips to the DL for Wade Davis and Jeff Niemann. Then we heard that Matt Garza is suffering from “September soreness.” And of course we always need to worry about Carl Crawford’s knees late in the season.

The icing on top was Rafael Soriano after yesterday’s blown save where he said his back isn’t 100%

I didn’t feel right…I don’t know. I didn’t sleep last night. I only got a couple of hours. And my back didn’t feel like 100%.

Just as Joe Maddon said he was not concerned about Garza, Soriano did not seem concerned about his back. But backs are tricky for big league ballplayers. A bad back is something that can linger and flare up at any time.

The Rays don’t have anybody on the DL. And most of the “injuries” just sound like the typical wear-and-tear of a 162-game schedule. But is there any reason to believe these will get better before October?

What the Rays cannot afford right now is to lose one of these big names in the next few weeks. So if we see Desmond Jennings (in LF), Joaquin Benoit (in the 9th) and Andy Sonnanstine (as a starter) in the next few weeks, you won’t hear us complain.



  1. I think this is what could be the difference between the Rays and the Yankees down the stretch. The Yankees are depending on older vets to carry the torch for them in the playoffs. The Rays are younger, and theoretically, should be able to shake the injuries off much easier than their Yankee counterparts. While I'm concerned, I like the Rays as a whole versus lingering injuries rather than the Yankees.

    • KillaTapes says:

      I agree. I will say though, after watching Texas complete their sweep of them, I'm most worried about the Rangers. They seem to have a lot of "08 Rays Magic" working for them. Hopefully I'm reading too much into what I gathered from one game, but it seemed really electric what they had going on.


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