We fully expect every national media outlet to comment on the attendance at The Trop for the next three days. We just didn’t know we would have to listen to Joe Maddon bitch about the attendance before the games even happen

“In a baseball sense, [having good seats still available] would almost be unbelievable,” Maddon said. “If you’re truly a baseball person, and I think there’s enough of those around the Tampa Bay area, that if you had this opportunity to go out and see it in person to not — and we’re pretty reasonable in regards to our pricing and parking and everything else — that would be very disappointing actually.”

Thanks to JoeMa. Now all of the headlines will read, “Hey look, even the Rays manager says the fans suck.” Just awesome.

We get that somebody asked Maddon about the attendance and it wasn’t Maddon that brought it up. But that didn’t mean he had to comment. He could have politely said that his job as manager is to worry about what happens on the field. And in the middle of a pennant race, maybe he shouldn’t be worried about what is going on in the stands.

But hey, when you are the smartest guy in the room, sometimes it is hard to keep your mouth shut.



  1. Blake says:

    Sorry Joe, I would kill to be there but medical school is getting in the way.


    Blake…and quite a few of my classmates

    P.S. will still end up likely attempting to multitask and watch on tv. Kick some Yankee @$$.

    • Matt says:

      I guess Medical school is not getting in too much of the way since you have time to post a “whatever” comment. Remember the jaw bone is connect to your well…you are the soon to be Dr. so you know what I am trying to say…

  2. Tone says:

    What is there angle? I mean this shit does not get people to go does it? It is bad PR but they already get that, so I can only assume it is on purpose for some greater goal. Just don’t know how it helps them to keep beating that dead horse. And i hate when HE does this since it almost can be like a curse. He says this shit and then the Rays get no-hit or something. No good can come of this. I wish Maddon would stay the hell out of the politics. He is such tool. Win the series damnit, stop worrying about attendance, KEEP IT SHUT AND WIN THIS SERIES!!!

    • Jim says:

      that’s what I dont get. Why is this Joe’s problem? Obviously down the road it can impact the players he has on the field. But c’mon! Let Stu or Matt comment. Attendance is their problem, not Joe’s. And especially not now.

  3. Don says:

    You want to talk about “disappointing”….I think YOU are…your a disgrace as a manager…ANYONE who says a manager that does not play his best players is a good manager is stupid…I don’t care what anyone says..
    One more thing…Maddon try to BUY a good seat today…or anytime….
    Plus you will sleep all day tomorrow while the working stiffs and kids will be getting up at 6:00 am to go to work/school….
    Other words Maddon…kiss our ass!!

    • Matt says:

      Don, disgrace as a manager. Are you kidding me. You must be a Lou guy!. You must like a manager whose best year was in 1991 with Chris Sabo and the Reds. Joe Ma is the best manager the Rays have ever had. I never saw the old Devil Rays in the Playoffs 2 out of 3 years. Your comment about him saying anything about tickets is valid but to call him a disgrace….And another thing about Sweet Lou. He did a great job with the Cubs..and what a great way to go out…Quiting on his team with over 30 games left. Now that is a Disgrace Ol Don! that is a Disgrace!

      • Don says:

        Dear Matt…you must be a recent Rays convert…because if you have watched Maddon make mistake after mistake for 4/5 years (seems like 10) after a while you get tired of his bull s_hit…
        Even the players if you look at their faces when he pulls some of his stupid moves, its hard telling what they say when they get away from him! Look he has the “best” talent in the majors…the way he handles them is a “DISCRACE” to any knowledgeable Rays fan who knows talent!

        • Matt says:

          Actually, I have been a Rays supporter for several years and having a little trouble following when you mention the BS he pulls along with the players faces. Now, if you are talking about the players faces when they lost 100 games 9 out of 10 years then I can follow you but I really do not think any player on the Rays is telling themselves that their situation sucks. It appears to me that no matter how many games they win you will never be a true Rays support. Wow! you sound like the Big Dog. Next thing you are going to tell me is that you are huge Rays supporter just as long as the games are on FSN

          • Don says:

            Buddy, I bet you anything you want I have been to more Rays games than you lifetime, even when the (Devil) Rays sucked. Because I am a real fan….unlike you who doesn’t know when mistakes are made…because they are hard for me to swallow…
            and I will scream every time I see them… like it or not…Maddon is not a top manager…. but has the talent to scrape by…I worry about HIM blowing a good season…
            I know you don’t! Joe knows best……. sucks!

          • Sarah says:

            Matt, most of us have learned not to respond to Don. You’ll just get aggravated, and the fact is, he has nothing useful to add.

  4. James says:

    Real life gets in the way. It’s Monday night and people have responsibilities. Also I personally don’t want to/can’t spend $30 just for a ticket to sit in the upper deck. I would love to go out to more games, but I guess I’m not a real baseball fan.

    • Matt says:

      Hey James the game is at Tropicana Field not Yankee Stadium which means the upper deck ticket will not cost you $30. You made a comment as if you knew what you are talking about. Well Sir…you do not.

      • James says:

        Have you looked at the ticket prices? Go swing by stubhub and take a look at the ticket prices and try to remove your foot from your mouth.

        • Andy says:

          Have you looked at this other website, where they are selling tix for $18? http://www.raysbaseball.com

        • Matt says:

          James time to put the foot back in your mouth. Stubhub is an alternative ticket source. Go to the box office or go online at http://www.raysbaseball.com and do some ticket price research. You are trying to make a point with Zero facts. Stubhub really! Also, the Rays never post tickets on Stubhub those tickets are from current season ticket holders or those who have purchased tickets and want to make some money…IE Ticket Brokers. Come on James do better next time. Talk about something you know because talking prices is something you do not….Stubhub!! the man came back with Stubhub folks!

          • James says:

            Yes… stubhub is where I get my tickets from. $20 was the lowest I could find. Plus a $5 charge plus tax… roughly $30 for a ticket in the upperdeck… $18 plus tax, and they might have a charge for processing also. So I’m not wrong.

          • Andy says:

            Ticket prices from the box office are inclusive of tax. If you’re looking for an excuse NOT TO GO, I suppose you could wait till the day of the game, and then claim you can’t afford the surcharge. But if you’re looking for a reason TO GO, these are easily avoided obstacles.

            And if you’re saying you will only accept Stubhub seats, then no, you are not a baseball fan.

  5. Sarah says:

    First of all, let’s see how many empty seats there are tonight. I went on line just to see what might be available, and it seemed mostly very expensive seats and a some upper deck seats turned up. That’s quite different from saying, as the press has been, that there are a lot of available seats.

    Second, I agree with Cork that this is just a case of Maddon having too big a mouth. When asked about attendance, he can easily say “not my job.” We don’t need him giving talking points to the ESPN types who don’t want to take the time to actually watch the Rays play baseball and who instead go with the easy “tampa bay fans are lousy” story line.

  6. D-Rome says:

    “But hey, when you are the smartest guy in the room, sometimes it is hard to keep your mouth shut.”

    What’s up with this comment? You sound like Duemig.

    • Sarah says:

      I think it’s possible to admire Maddon as a manager (which I do) and still think this attendance business isn’t his fight. I’m sure if a reporter asked the Rays marketing director to comment on which relief pitcher to use, he’d say “that’s not really my department,” and there’s no reason for Maddon to butt into marketing and ticket sales discussions. As manager, it’s nice for him to have decent crowds who are cheering on his team — that’s all he needs to say.

      And I have no idea who “Duemig” is, so I don’t know whether to be pleased or insulted if my argument sounds like his or hers.

      • Tom says:

        Well Put, Sarah.

        I believe When D-Rome mentioned Duemig he was referring to the last sentence of Cork’s post. Steve Duemig is a local sports radio guy who HATES Maddon and rips him any chance he gets.

  7. Hal says:

    I have started to feel like to feel like Joe is setting up his eventual departure with some of his recent negative comments abot the attendence, the Trop, etc. Despite what the idiots around the Tampa Bay area think, Joe is very well-regarded nationally and not exactly a spring chicken. There are some very attractive and high-paying jobs opening up this year (Chicago, Los Angeles, Yankees if Girardi jumps to Chicago) and one would have to think that Joe would at least be on some of these lists. Just saying.

  8. nate says:

    Which part of his comment is incorrect? Whether the comment was called for or not doesn’t remove the factual basis upon which it was made. You can’t blame anyone for saying “it would be disapointing if….” before the games are played because we have a track record for not attending games in large numbers which warrant attendance. Yes, some people can’t go here or there, but one person’s excuse for not attending shouldn’t make or break the number overall. It speaks to the community as a whole. I know the drive, the economy, etc etc. People have priorities. If the Rays/Yankees isn’t high on the list then accept the fact.

  9. Tom says:

    That is possible Hal, however, I think Madden knows much of the success of the Rays can be attributed to Andy, Stu et al. Those 3 organizations are each to some extent, dysfunctional. He also stayed with the Angels organization for 30 years so I do not think he will leave unless he is going to a situation that is clearly better.

    • Hal says:

      I hear you, but money talks and LA is such a natural fit for him. He’s locked up through 2012 with us and it appears that he makes in the $1M range. He’s in his late 50′s, spent years as a coach making a nice salary, but by no means breaking the bank, and could be viewed as a savior wherever he goes. If the LA situation ever gets sorted out and they knock on the door with a 5-year, $15 million offer – that’s life-changing money.

  10. Gus says:

    2011 is going to be a real test of Maddon’s managerial capabilities without CC. He’ll need to get everybody past that.

    In Toronto, they were calling him the Zenmaster over the weekend after Hawpe hit a grand slam in an odd start against a left-hander. He is well-respected everywhere. His Big Papi shift is now commonplace (and killing Pena). Like most winning situations, he was the right guy at the right time with the right organization. For years, he was a little too cute for my personal tastes, but to have made something with Upton, to have Longo and Crawford at this level, and the pitching staff pretty lights out, you have to say Maddon has done a great job overall.

    But he should back off the attendance thing. Maybe buy some seats for some community groups before opening his mouth. Maddon is all kind of involved in his Pennsylvania community and college, but I’ve never seen him out in Tampa Bay for charity. Too busy drinking fine wines in Europe for us beer-swilling locals in the off-season I think.

  11. Marc says:

    Wow Joe, that helped. I really want to go to a game now so I won’t get yelled at by our manager.

    This is why it took Maddon 30+ years to get his first managerial shot. He is insufferable. Condescending. Arrogant beyond measure. Oversteps his bounds. Joe found a perfect fit here where he could be the insufferable professor and not have to deal with a biting local media (he’d be torn to pieces in NY, Chicago, Boston), and then he fell into incredible talent that the front office provided.

    Shut your hole Joe and manage the f***ing team.

  12. Leighroy says:

    If my manager didn’t care if he had fans in the seats to play for, I wouldn’t want him to be manager of my team. How can any of you fault a professional sports manager or even a player for wanting to coach/play in front of a sold out stadium??

    That like goes against human instinct. How would you feel if you were him or a player? Can you really fault someone for speaking their honest mind? Good grief you people need to get a grip and re-evaluate your criticism.

  13. Hilde97 says:

    The attendance speaks for itself. Can’t hide it. But look at other city’s. Lots of empty seats including the Reds another phenominal team. 2 things to look at are Population Density and Local Economy. Here is an idea, Create a luxury tax or revenue share arrangment against teams that sell out there stadiums to subsidize those that do not.

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