The Rays have stated that they would make their second wave of September call-ups once the Durham Bulls conclude their season. The Bulls will play the decisive fifth game of the first-round of the International League playoffs this afternoon.

However, even if the Bulls do move on to the Governor’s Cup Finals, the Rays may make their final promotions tomorrow, rather than wait for the conclusion of the playoffs.

Adam Sobsey of reports that double-A relief pitcher Dane de la Rosa and infielder Drew Anderson have been in uniform for the Bulls during the playoffs despite not being listed on the active roster. Sobsey speculates that Jake McGee and Elliot Johnson will be promoted at the conclusion of this playoff series and that de la Rosa and Anderson will replace McGee and Johnson in the Finals.

Johnson hit .319 (2nd in the IL) with a .375 OBP and 30 steals. He has previous big league experience, having played seven games with the Rays at the start of the 2008 season.

McGee, who missed much of the 2008 and 2009 seasons following Tommy John surgery, struck out 27 batters and walked just 3 in 17.1 innings since being promoted to triple-A. He allowed just one run. While Johnson will give Joe Maddon depth in the middle-infield, McGee has a shot to impress his way on to the postseason roster.



  1. Blake says:

    I know McGee is a flame-thrower, but you wouldn’t expect that out of him looking at the picture. He looks as frumpy as Greg Maddux at the end of his career…maybe thats the secret to his success, you never expect the heat coming from that guy on the mound and then its blown by you while you’re thinking about it.

  2. Don says:

    Lots of good “fat” pitchers over the years…flame and eating were their strong points…..I can see McGee, Navi and Shopp at the all you can eat Chinese place right now…Then Navi stiffs the waitress on the tip…affraid of next years pay…

    • Gatorbuc15 says:

      Good point Don:
      David Wells, Bartolo Colon, C.C. Sabathia, Jumbo Brown, Garland Buckeye, Bobby Munoz, Chris Young, Carlos Zambrano, Jeff D’Amico, Tim Stoddard, and Johnny Hutchings.

      There has been plenty of good fat pitchers in baseball history. lol

  3. David Bloom says:

    I am excited about McGee and he could have a long time future with Rays I Hope

  4. brian h says:

    Mcgee is not even fat, and not even close to as heavy as some of the pitchers mentioned.

  5. Brendan says:

    Will Johnson be up in time to make the playoff roster? I would drop Aybar and add Johnson. Hitting better, faster and can play anywhere. Most of all….Girardi and Michael Kay hate his guts!!!

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