Let’s see if you can pick out the pattern in Evan Longoria’s comments from this column by Tony Fabrizio in which Longoria wanted to clarify his comments from Monday night (via Tampa Tribune)…

“…the one thing I do want to say is, for the fans that have been coming out, we are happy that they have been…That’s the one thing: Just moving forward from all this, and not looking back, we need to say ‘thank you’ to the fans that have been here throughout everything…The fans that have been here have been very supportive. That’s the biggest thing for me is just thanking those people.”

So, Longoria wants you to know that his comments from Monday night were not directed at the fans that live close enough, and can afford to go to games.

The rest of you can still piss off.



  1. d-money says:

    Stop trying to stir up more trouble.

    Can’t we just enjoy today and the fact that we made the postseason without having to rehash all of this attendance garbage?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I think you have me mistaken for the person that called the fans “embarrassing.”

      • d-money says:

        No I know who you are. You’re the guy that is bringing up yesterdays news.

        • Cork Gaines says:

          What? Actually Longoria brought it up again. I’m just reacting to his very calculated comments.

          • d-money says:

            You reaction was meant to stir up more trouble and more traffic to your website. Rather than have posts about the postseason and actual baseball you chose to go the TMZ route and keep rehashing old news.

            He said what he said. He has every right to say it. He didnt say anything that wasn’t true and you and all the other thin skinned fans need to get over it.

            Lets move on and talk about actual baseball.

          • Cork Gaines says:

            C’mon, that’s funny. So it’s ok for Longoria to stir the pot with non-baseball comments, but you get pissed at me for commenting on his non-baseball comments?

            Again, I’m not the one bringing this stuff up.

    • Amanda says:

      Ignoring the trouble isn’t going to make it go away.

  2. Kyle says:

    Whatever, the attendance is shameful no matter how you put it or who says it. Lets just watch the games, be happy, and wait for a new stadium that’s not in St. Pete.

  3. Don says:

    One More Longo…..then I’m done with him….
    IF I was 23 yo., wealthy multi millionaire, with a different broad everynight I would really be concerned with ticket sales!!!
    Chances are it was a put up job unless he is dumber than he looks?
    Take your choice!

  4. David says:

    Cork, I mean really?

    “So, Longoria wants you to know that his comments from Monday night were not directed at the fans that live close enough, and can afford to go to games.

    The rest of you can still piss off.”

    For the last time, it would be idiotic to think that Evan is talking about families with financial problems. It’s the area fans who are comfortable financially and will follow the Rays on TV, but still won’t bother to go to games. The type that call themselves Rays fans, but then only show up to concerts. So unless Evan is a cold blooded moron, there is no way he would want any family to spend their last dime on the Rays. Only the ones with plenty of dimes…

    • Kelley says:

      Did you not notice how many times he referred to the fans who COME to the games? That was the first thing I noticed when I read his comments. You don’t think it’s rude of him to think that people aren’t real fans if they don’t come to a lot of games? Or in his opinion, he’s only appreciative of the people who actually come out. He’s 24 years old and a professional athlete. He most likely has no idea what the real world is like for regular people. And I’m insulted that my family and I support the team as much as we can, but if I don’t come out often enough to suit him, I’m not a real fan. How can you defend that?

  5. Joe Small says:

    This is just the type of story I come here for! The others Rays blogs kiss the org’s ass but you tell it like it is. Keep pressing on this one cuz Longo has given a whole new meaning to Dirtbag now and you need to be the one to call him out for what he really is!!

  6. d-money says:

    Also how about you post the rest of his comments instead of just picking out the ones that fit how you want to paint him to be an asshole….

    Longoria said he and other Rays players understand the difficulties posed by the local economy – “of course, it’s tough everywhere,” he said – and emphasized that he only wanted to convey how much a full stadium means to the team.

    “I know people watch on TV,” he said. “We know the support is there. But from a players’ standpoint, the more people that are in this building, the better we play. And that’s all we’re looking at as a team.

    “I’m not being selfish, believe me. As I said before, I love the Tampa community, and I’ve enjoyed being here since ’06. But I would like nothing more than to bring a championship back here, and when we fill this building up, we play a lot better.”

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Because the rest of the comments were meaningless. I only care about the parts where he REPEATEDLY made it clear that his previous comments weren’t meant for a certain fraction of the fanbase.

      And do you really believe they would play better with more fans in the seats? C’mon. How many games would they have won with 35K in the Trop every night? 120? 125?

      • d-money says:

        Yeah I do believe there are times throughout the season where maybe if there were bigger crowds they may have played better. Or it may have been more difficult on the opposing teams. Its called home field advantage. If there ore no fans in the stands there is no advantage to being at home. If the fans at the game don’t matter then why do we even care if the team moves out of town?

        If going to the game doesn’t matter then we should be ok with the team moving to another city and we can just continue to watch on tv.

      • Huey Lewis says:

        That’s an ignorant comment. Why would they have to win 120 games for more people in the stands to have an impact? Leading the Yankees by 1/2 game at the moment, an extra 3 or 4 wins (somewhere around 102-105 wins) would not be better?

  7. Caity says:

    Cork, I think you’re a hypocrite; if you were in the exact same situtation as Longo was in. Im pretty sure you would say the same thing to the media as Longo did. It’s called double standard, atlethes cant call anyone out, yet us people can?.

    Truth is, he’s right and you know it. Do you not like him or what, has he personally offended you in any way?.

    I live two hours north of Tampa, being someone with no car and no money and can only attend 3 games per year since I’m super poor.
    I get that people are poor in Tampa, and population is not as high as New York and Boston- and we havent been around for 100 years. But they show up to their games!. They don’t make up excuses as to why they don’t go to the games like most of the Rays fans do.

    Here’s my opinion of what they said: They aren’t looking for money for themselves at all. They have plenty of that, They spoke what you and I and everyone else is thinking and that’s that the attendance is embarrising for a playoff team. They want to celebrate in front of a crowd because athletes are motavated to make everyone happy.
    They want a playoff atmosphere and 12,000 fans is not a playoff atmosphere. It’s just not.

    I swear, most Rays fans complain about the team, and they think of Longo and Price as dirtbags for speaking their minds. I’ve had enough of it. How about support your damn team instead of sitting on your butts at home (Directed towards the rich people who do this) because that is exactly who they are talking to.

    Cork, I love reading your blog. But I think you & most of the Rays fans are dead wrong. Im probably one of the few Rays fans that do side with Longo and Price because it is pretty bad to have 12,000 people show up for a game. I get that they’re are a lot of poor people in the area and a lot of dedicated fans that do show up to the games and that’s fine.
    It is really expensive to go to a Rays game- even though they have the cheapest tickets in the majors. But teams such as the Phillies, Padres, Rangers, Cardinals, & Twins have higher ticket prices- and yet they always fill their seats up.

    They arent being dirtbags and douches, they are speaking their minds.
    And someone other than the management had to say something.
    Was it the right time?. No way it was not.
    Was it right?. Oh yes it was. You also never posted what else he said because he said he wasn’t being selfish: He was trying to get everyone to go to the Trop. If that makes him look like a douche, then everyone’s a douche then.

    That’s my opinion, if you want to argue with me. Do it on Twitter since You never respond to my messages that I try to send you.

    Here’s my Twitter:http://twitter.com/TampaBayRays12

    You probably will never do this, but I would like to see what you think of what I said.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      1. If you think I hate Dirtbag, then you obviously don’t come around here very often. Not to mention I have 3 Rays shirts. 2 of them say “Longoria” across the back. But that also doesn’t mean he is above occasional criticism. I’m sorry. I dont do pom-poms. If you want a blog that does nothing but kiss the players’ and team’s asses, there are places you can go for that.

      2. The players are the business. The fans are the customers. This is not a two-way street. Whether you think his comments are justified or not, he shouldn’t have said them. And the fact that the criticism is coming from millionaires criticizing non-millionaires on how they spend their money, again, it was something that should not have been said.

      3. When did I say he was wrong? My only problem with what he said is the timing and wording. He is more than welcome to wish for or ask for more fans in the stands. But he shouldn’t have said it was “embarrassing.” And to do it when the team is about to clinch a playoff spot and cause all this commotion when the team should be celebrated is just terrible timing.

      4. When you start your comment with “you are a hypocrite,” it is not exactly an enticement to get involved in a discussion.

      5. Twitter has a 140-character limit. Not really the place for discussions.

      • Caity says:

        Okay, Im sorry for calling you a hypocrite. Youre not and I overreacted a little bit. I enjoy reading your blogs, they are true and honest unlike most blogs out there-such as the St.Pete times which SUCKS.

        Anywho, Longoria’s my favorite player, I do think what he said in a way did make him look like a brat to a lot of people(He’s not in my opinion).
        It showed that he cared about the fans being there. However, he said it the wrong way and the wrong time. I still love Longo, but he shouldnt of said it like that because in a way, he knew he was offending fans in some way, & I didnt know that he was your favorite player, but you are right in that he isn’t above critism.

        As for the fans, the ones who can afford to go to the games should go.
        Loyal fans should keep on going to the games, and the ones who cant afford to go should keep supporting the team. That’s just my opinion.

        As for Crawford, I thought he told the media what he thought. Not the other way around.

        • Caity says:

          BTW: Have you ever met Longoria?

          • Cork Gaines says:

            once. Just prior to game 2 of the ’08 ALCS. We chatted a bit on the field before the game. I was wearing a “Dirtbag” shirt at the time and he seemed to get a kick out of it. He’s taller than you’d think. He’s listed at 6’2″, which is my height, but I was definitely looking up a little. Then again, maybe I’m shrinking.

        • Cork Gaines says:

          There may be Crawford comments I am not aware of. The one I saw was a reporter asking him about Longoria and Price’s comments and he basically agreed with the premise of their comments but he was a little more muted in the way he said it.

  8. Caity says:

    Btw: Crawford also said something about attendance, why arent you calling him out?.

    • Cork Gaines says:

      The comments by Longoria and the Tweet by Price were unprovoked direct statements with a purpose and they used language many fans found offensive. Crawford’s comments were in response to a question from a reporter. And the question from the reporter only came AFTER Price and Longoria made their comments. Not even close to being the same thing.

  9. Caity says:

    Ah, so he’s not a asshole that everyone thinks he is? Well that’s semi refreshing to hear.

    Anyways, were you happy that everyone came to the Trop tonight?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      I dont think anybody thinks that of him. I just think some fans are frustrated. And so is he. That sometimes is a volatile mix.

      And yes, very happy, and relieved. I didn’t think it would happen and was very happy to be wrong.

      • Caity says:

        That is, you don’t want fans pissed at you because you said something to tick them off. I don’t think he’s a punk, just frustrated with the lack of fans at the Trop. I think that’s what made me mad is that everyone kept calling him a douche and a punk. Then again, he could be I don’t know.

        I was happy too, it shows how much people care about this team and that they want them to stay in St.Pete

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