This interview is about a week old, and most of the answers are very benign. But we don’t get to hear from Carl Crawford to often. He does field one telling question in which he is asked whether the Angels could be an option for him next season.

I have to keep my options open. You know, every team is an option, if that’s what happens. Like I said, I would like to try and see if me and the Rays can get something done first. But if that doesn’t happen, I’ll be open for whoever really wants me the most.

Maybe CC is just being polite and saying the right thing. But keep in mind, this is a dramatic change in tone from earlier in the year when he declared that he and Pena would be leaving. And don’t forget, his good buddy Torii Hunter thinks CC will re-sign with the Rays.

While this comment seems to leave the door open a bit, we still think it is a longshot that Crawford returns next season.

Carl Crawford : Keeping His Options Open [LA Angels Insider]



  1. I think it's easier for CC to count the Rays in the bidding now, because he's not worried about being a deadline victim. Keep in mind, the Rays are now committed to him for the rest of the year. That wasn't necessarily the case when he spoke earlier in the season.

  2. Mike says:

    Don't get my hopes up man. I have accepted that CC will not be with the team next year, as much as that sucks. But there is no way the Rays can pay him what he is worth on the open market, and I can't blame CC at all for wanting to get paid the fair market value for his services. He has a limited shelf life and probably has only one big payday left, so he needs to make enough money to live off the rest of his life. That said, please don't let him go to the Yankees or Boston. I don't think I could stand that.

  3. Gus says:

    So you are saying there's a chance?

  4. Beth says:

    I don't see anything of note here. Of course the Rays will make him some kind of offer -- teams will do this unless they really don't want you back. And of course he'll consider it. And of course it won't be for the kind of money he can get somewhere else.

    I've resorted to just hoping he doesn't go to a division rival. A nice national league big market team (could Dodgers or Cubs use an outfielder?) is the best we can hope for.

  5. Gatorbuc15 says:

    At least he's not saying that he's gonna blow off the Rays this offseason. 🙂

  6. Thad says:

    Couldn't it be argued that even IF the Rays could afford him at say 5 years/$17 million per it's not the best business decision? Realistically, they don't need to be spending that much on one player as we all know. But even if they could is it smart? Isn't MOST of his value related to his speed? And isn't he at or near the speed/athleticism peak now? Or even on the other side of that peak? Isn't 27 that magic age that everyone talks about? Bill James, I think?

    Look, he stays in great shape and I think he will remain a productive ball player into his mid-30's, but I think an argument could be made that his elite years (or chances at elite years) are behind him. The pounding on the artificial surface of the Trop has already taken a toll on his knees. If his speed starts to diminish in the next few years it affects every part of his game: his impact on defense, base running, ability to beat out hits, base stealing, etc.

    I love CC and will be sad when he goes, but CC's value goes way down if his speed dips from elite to pretty good. He's already only got modest power, if he goes to "pretty good" speed, I don't think he's worth a $100 million contract that someone WILL pay him. And the Rays will be better off having let him go.

  7. Don says:

    The IMPORTANT part of his that he is going to give the Rays a chance to sign him (pay Him)... but if they don't
    He will go to anyone who REALLY wants (to Pay) him..
    Pretty simple....
    I hope you Jennings hopefulls (to replace) CC..watched him at the plate last night aga. major league pitching... he looked like a Sheldon deciple with the bat on his shoulder....couldn't replace Upton's sorry ass right now! DO the smart thing...sign CC!

    • Justin H says:

      I want CC back as much as anyone, but Jennings is going to be a very good major league player. There's a reason he was the #6 prospect in all of baseball to start the season. You can't say that he looked terrible after watching ONE game against major league pitching. Also he had to face a tough righty in Shaun Marcum. Not every player comes up like Hellickson and just cause he didn't hit a home run in his first at bat like Heyward doesn't mean he isn't going to be a solid MLB player.

      • Steve-o1285 says:


        Do yourself a favor and don't respond to this. The rays could win the world series and he would still complain.

        • Don says:

          Look Wed night was a test for Jennings..his grade "D"...
          They even took him out for another hitter..with the game on the much for Jennings this year (maybe a runner)...
          But to replace CC production/impact on a game your looking at 2/3/4 years of fulltime playing.... and he won't be able to do that if CC, Upton and Joyce are still here!


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