After Friday night’s loss to the Angels, Peter Gammons and Nick Cafardo discussed BJ Upton on NESN. At issue was a flyball that Upton seemed to give up on with some nicely timed alligator-arms (you can see the play here). A run scored on the play and the Rays would go on to lose the game 4-3.

The telling quote comes at the end from Cafardo:” He went through a stretch, maybe a month ago, where he looked like Willie Mays. And now he is back to being BJ Upton.



  1. Mike says:

    That is bs. BJ went hard after that ball and came closer to reaching it than almost any other center fielder could have done. He slowed down when he realized it was 4 feet beyond his incredible range and needed to turn to get the ball off the wall.

    Sometimes BJ does have mental lapses that deserve criticism. This is not one of those times. NESN is filled with a bunch of fools who only care about Boston and NY. No need to repeat their drivel here.

    • Bairiki says:

      Oh my God. Stop with this crap about how other centerfielders wouldn’t have gotten to it. Explain why he pulled his arm back (you can’t) or shut up. You Upton apologists are so tiresome.

      • Mike says:

        He pulled his arm back because the ball was 7+ feet away from him and his arms aren’t that long. It is pretty tough to slow down and turn with your arm stretched out like that because you are off balance, so he stopped reaching for a ball he couldn’t get to and turned to field the ball off the fence. Happy now?

        • Bairiki says:

          And it only looks like he’s running slow too, right? It’s those long strides, right? You guys really need to come up with some new material.

    • zenny says:

      C’mon people, I’ll criticize BJ when deserved, but this was clearly not one of those times.

      Watching on TV, the home plate camera made it seem like it was within reach. If you kept watching, though, you saw that the side view replay made it obvious that the ball had sailed WELL over Upton’s head. There’s no way that any CF in baseball makes that catch.

      The funny thing is, if BJ had attempted a diving catch to shut up the haters, he would’ve missed it and been subsequently reamed for being so stupid as to allow an inside the park homerun since there was nobody near enough to back up the play.

      Seriously, the knee-jerk BJ bashing is ridiculous.

      • Bairiki says:

        WHat the hell does “any other CF in baseball” have to do with this? Keep it on topic.

        • Andy says:

          Because apparently in your world, Upton should make plays that no other player in baseball can make, and anyone who thinks otherwise is an “Upton apologist”

          • Bairiki says:

            Please stop. You’re embarrassing yourself. What does making the play have to do with drawing your arm back in? Idiot. Don’t think too hard now.

          • Andy says:

            You’re clearly in the minority here, and this isnt a blog that’s shy about calling Upton out when the situation dictates it. You have never played outfield. When you can’t catch the ball, the best thing is to cut your losses and not give up an extra base trying to be a hero. Idiot.

  2. Sublime says:

    I was watching the replay on and the ball was CLEARLY 3-4 ft over his head! Only Shaq’s outstretched arm would have gotten to that. Seems like he may have taken a bad angle or just simply not been able to get to the ball. It happens, but it was not a case of him not loafing. Gammons seems bitter because he was his Preseason MVP and he hasn’t lived up to that. Anything BJ related people completely over-react! Why don’t the RedSox worry about the Charlestown Area and all of those Bank Robberies!

  3. Brian H says:

    I was at the game, and not one person I was sitting around complained about BJ on this play. It was clearly a ball he couldnt get to, and to answer the announcers question of why not stick out his arm, well because he realized he couldnt get to it, so he better not slow himself down and be able to hold tori hunter to a double.

  4. Gus says:

    On balance, BJ’s defense is superior and though he’s taken angles a few times that look a little poor, he is basically Willie Mays out there. NESN clowns don’t know what good CF play really is. I love the bitterness returning to NE.

    His offense, however, has been really poor for 3 years now, despite occasional flashes of promise. Sabrmetrics be damned, Upton had the opportunity to be clutch in so many games in the last week and just can’t come through.

    Like all but the last of the true believers, I’m ready for the Jennings era in CF.

  5. Don says:

    You all missed the point: No other outfielder has more balls HIT OVER HIS HEAD than Upton!
    He plays it that way so the ones he does catch looks spectacular to the morons…any good CF would have caught them in their back pocket because they would have been in position in the first place!

  6. nick says:

    why are they discussing BJ upton on NESN anyways? Gammons has turned into a joke. Seems like they bring up stuff to cause controversy with teams they are behind

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