Three years ago on Rays Index we we decided the “The United Countries of Baseball” needed its Florida boundaries redrawn.

Remapping Florida Within The United Countries of Baseball [Rays Index]




  1. Earl Weaver was here... says:

    I know the map for the Rays is off, but the map for Virginia is really off! The Nationals and Pirates do not control that much of the state! In reality, it is prodomenantly controled by the Braves! If I had to give a list on which team was more popular in Virginia, it would be like this:
    I no this because I live in Virginia, and mostly everyone here is a Braves fan! And that is because the Braves Triple-A minor league team, the Richmond Braves, used to play here for 43 years! They only left do to the fact that Richmond had a MAD MAN as mayor. Doug Wilder<JOKE! I don't know who made this map, but whoever did didn't know that area very well at all!

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