Back in February, we learned that Carl Crawford had picked up a new full-sleeve tattoo from a well-known tattoo artist named Junk Roxx. Six months and 118 games later, and we still have no idea what the tattoo looks like. Why? Because Crawford has played the entire season with an undershirt with one long sleeve to cover the tattoo.

Is this a big deal. Nope. But it does remind us of the scene from The Princess Bride when the Giant asks the Man in Black why he wears a mask:

Fezzik: Why do you wear a mask? Were you burned by acid, or something like that?
Man in Black: Oh no, it’s just that they’re terribly comfortable. I think everyone will be wearing them in the future.

And maybe it is just that simple. Or maybe it is because Crawford got off to a good start with the sleeve and now considers it a good luck charm.

But it does raise one’s curiosity. Why would somebody get a full-sleeve tattoo if they didn’t want anybody to see it?



  1. Beth says:

    Doesn’t Aybar also play with a sleeve?

  2. Rumpy says:

    what if there is something slightly offensive or could be offensive to a certain party? just speculating here….

  3. ChuckInJax says:

    OR he’s getting used to complying with the dress code of the Junkees…If he ends up signing with them, he will have to wear the sleeve AND a turtleneck to cover up that Omega on his neck…

  4. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Maybe he’s embaresed of it? It could be a tatto that say’s “I love Buck”.
    Or something like that.

  5. Please Zeus, please don’t let it be a collage of Yankee greats. I think I would throw up blood if he revealed the “hidden” tattoo during a press conference to announce he was signing with the Yanks.

  6. schlomo says:

    Full sleeves take a while. It probably isn’t completely finished yet

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Junk Roxx wrote about it on his website (since been taken down or moved) and I thought I remembered him saying it was done. But I could be wrong on that. Said he had pix but wasn’t allowed to show them.

  7. Brett says:

    So not a single person has seen him out and about in St. Pete? Somebody has to know what it is…

  8. Joe D. says:

    Business move? Some have already (ignorantly) made assumptions based on the neck Tatt, maybe it’s in his best interest prior to free agency to cover up the new ink?

    Though I don’t have any, I like tattoo art, and am interested to see it, but like the Longo legs crossed thing yesterday; As long as CC has ABs like he did lastnight in the 8th, he could have the carebears tattooed on his arm for all I care…

  9. Mike says:

    I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure it was shown briefly on Fox 13 back around the All Star break when they did the special on him. He was driving his Range Rover while talking to the reporter.

  10. Matt says:

    In an interview on Sun sports they are actually talking to him and you can see his tattoo. I think it might have been one of the inside the rays. Sorry I can’t be of more help, but I actually remember thinking one time, Wow there showing CC’s tattoo. He wasn’t in uniform during the interview.

  11. Robert says:

    I thought they showed it during the baseball tonight special on him

  12. Alex says:

    He wore the sleeve last year too. So either he was getting during last season or he just decided to keep wearing it. Its the new look. Bartlett, BJ, the pitchers during off days, Longo, Jaso have all worn or still do wear it. Bj, Bartlett and Carl wore them all last year. Some guys just like being covered up. Look at Jeter for instance.

    • Beth says:

      Yeah, but why just the one arm? Do they all wear it on their throwing arm to keep it warm?

    • d-money says:

      I agree I don’t think it has anything to do with the tattoo. Lots of athletes wear things that don’t always have a function. Like NFL guys with those stupid bands around their biceps.

      Anyway here is a pic from way back in May of 2009 and he was wearing the one sleeve.

      • Beth says:

        Well, the bands around the biceps clearly have a function — which is to make us all gasp at the size of their biceps.

        To me the most ridiculous non-functional accessories would be the clunky titanium necklaces some players wear — they are supposed to have some sort of healing powers, but of course they don’t — and no doubt one day someone’s 10 pound necklace is going to snap off and take out someone else’s eye.

        In contrast, Crawford’s useful sleeve seems pretty benign.

        • Dave says:

          Actually Beth, there is a function for the bicep bands. A pretty significant one too. I won’t even get into your factual statement about necklaces with healing powers. Clearly, you have zero clue about any of this.

          “During activities such as tennis, baseball, or football; stress puts a good deal of stress on the elbow, thereby causing the tendons of the elbow slowly and painfully begin to pull away from the bone of the elbow. This is where the pain in your elbow originates. The tendon-bone connection continues to weaken and the pain in your elbow steadily increases. By placing continual pressure on the tendons connecting the Flexor and the Extensor muscles to the Medial and Lateral Epicondyles, will significantly reducing the tension at the point of connection to the bone. This will reduce the chance of exacerbation of Tendinitis.”

        • Alex says:

          Its the same reason basketball players wear shooting sleeves, or football players wear those half sleeves. It looks cool to them. Remember when Carl first came up he wore a turtle neck, now he doesn’t. He also almost always wore long sleeves. Really they really serve no function beyond looks.

  13. Matt says:

    Its a yanks tattoo

  14. Don says:

    Carl is pretty quiet, doesn’t like to rock the boat too much…bet you he got a little “street” one night with a tatoo…. with some jackass named “junk”…and doesn’t want the 100 media questions…..
    It was either that…. or Longo talked him into getting a naked lady tattoo of one they met in California or Texas….now he’s mad at Longo ….

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