The following info on the weekend series against the Yankees comes from Sun Sports

  • The 3-game series against the Yankees was the highest-rated regular season series in team history. The three games averaged a 9.9 rating (178,238 households). The previous record was for a series against the Red Sox 6/30-7/2, 2008 (9.0 rating, 160,426 hh).
  • Saturday’s game set a record for the highest-rated regular season game in franchise history pulling in a 10.7 rating (193,220 households). The previous record was 9.3 (7/2/08 vs Red Sox).

Oh yeah, and three sellouts. And yet Bob Ryan will go on WEEI this morning in Boston and declare that the Rays franchise shouldn’t exist. Well, that is one way for the Red Sox to make the playoffs this season.



  1. Don says:

    The progress in building a franchise...continues...
    Way to go Rays!

  2. Gus says:

    Funny how Boston's Bob Ryan and Bill Simmons both post columns this week declaring how boring the season is when the Yankees and Rays just played the best regular season series we've seen in the AL East in a long time.

    I guess I'd hate baseball like the Boston Fishacks do if I had to watch that crummy Boston bullpen all season and then watch the needles fall out of Big Papi's backside as he carries the remnants of the tainted title teams of 2007 and 2004.

  3. Brian H says:

    Cork what did bob ryan say exactly?

    • Cork Gaines says:

      Still trying to track down the audio. Hopefully I'll have something tomorrow. But basically it was just sour grapes because the Rays are heading to the playoffs and the Red Sox aren't.

  4. Danny says:

    Just need to get more people in the seats when it's not the Yankees.....cmon people!!!! it's just a short jaunt over from Tampa to see a team who wins more than 60% of the time!!!! No reason why all the 'alleged' diehard baseball fans can't make it to 5-10 games a year.... Super cheap entertainment folks and no rainouts!!!! Meet me at the Trop!!!!

  5. Danny says:

    Bob Ryan is a blowhard And Simmons column was probably one of the most poorly written of his career....could have summed up Bill's longwinded column thusly - "the Red Sox suck and I'm jumping off the bandwagon!"

    Simmons + Ryan = unbearably shallow baseball writing/commentary they do muchbetter with their hoops....

    Go Rays!

  6. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Great to see every body is watching the games! Now, please start actually going to the Rays games instead of just watching them on the tube. I'd actually like to see the Rays stay in St. Pete, not leave it do to low attendance.


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