One of the problems with having a baseball stadium in St. Pete is that the games often go well past the bedtimes of many fans. Take this guy for instance, who “fell asleep” during the game. And of course, by “fell asleep,” we really mean “passed out.” And if you are going to pass out during a Rays game, make sure you don’t do it near Raymond. He shows no mercy, even if you are a Rays fan…



  1. Gatorbuc15 says:

    Oh, that would have been an opportune time to draw on his face! But I guess Raymond got him well enough.

  2. Beth says:

    And the really hilarious part is when that drunken fool gets in his car and drives home….

  3. Don says:

    Oh hell…it was senior prom day….HE reminds me of my senior prom in high school….what memories?

  4. Nashville Ray says:

    I know Jaso wasn’t starting, but someones got to make sure he at least stays sober.

  5. smelp says:

    raymond looks so suave in his tux

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