Watching this Rays win for Joe was like eating a huge plate of home-cooked pasta with steaming, hot garlic bread and chocolate cake for desert.

It was a feel good win.

While Rays fans had every right to have a hemorrhoid flare up over Jeff Niemann and Wade Davis being placed on the disabled list, rookie stud Jeremy Hellickson was the salve to sooth the burning and pain.

Just how much of a stud do the Rays have here? In just his second major league start going seven innings, he didn’t allow a walk! That’s more than impressive. That’s uncanny.

Additionally, how about the leadership and cajones of this kid from the corn? Telling John Jaso how he will pitch to each different Tigers batter? He’s never seen any of the Detroit hitters, save for perhaps a chance encounter in spring training. How would he know how to pitch to them?

With Hellickson pitching like this, Niemann won’t be missed too much and Davis might be looking at a trip to Durham.

Great to see everyone in the batting order contribute. B.J. Upton actually appears to look like a productive offensive player. Dirtbag is out of his slump. If he continues to tag the ball, look out.

Anytime you can record a shutout with two rookies combining for eight innings, that’s a damn fine win.

A feel good win.

Pass the fettuccine and make sure the icing is on that cake.



  1. nick says:

    Sorry Joe, I stopped reading at Jeff Hellickson...C'mooon Maaaaaaaannn

  2. Leighroy says:

    Maybe after Jeremey's third start, he will pitch well enough for bloggers to remember his name!

    Either that or there's an inside joke going way over my head....

  3. ac3 says:

    I know this idea may seem like a knee jerk reaction and I know the sample size is VERY small...however, if Hellboy keeps pitching like this, I know he is so young and inexperienced, but can anyone see him as one of our 3 playoff starters?

    • Gatorbuc15 says:

      Your idea isn't to far fetched. If Hellboy does continue to pitch like a terminator, it might be ill advised to not use him as a playoff starter. At the very least, they should use him out of the bullpen like they did with Price. Either way, they'd be smart to use him.

  4. Gatorbuc15 says:

    What another brilliant start be Hellboy! And this time, it was an even a more dominating performance! 7IP, 3H, 0R, 0ER, 0BB, and 7k! In other words, NICE! With both Niemann and Davis on the DL, it was important for Hellboy to have another SUPERB outing. The fact that the offense actully woke up tonight, made Hellboy's outing that much better. Now, if only they could only do that more consistently, they would probably walk away with the AL EAST. And I would have less to squak about! It really brings a smile to my face to actually see Evan start to slowly climb out of the ashes of his horrid slump, and actually contribute! It makes us AND Evan feel better when he contributes! So Evan, for ALL our sakes, KEEP HITTING! And, even though B.J. did only get one hit tonight, some of the outs he made were stung quite well. So hopefully, if he keeps hitting the balls hard, they'll fall in for hits. All around tonight, the Rays had a good team win. Now hopefully,they continue their little upward trend and sweep the Tigers.

    GO RAYS!!!

  5. safety says:

    Unbelievable outing for Hellickson. Absolutely awesome. I can see him coming out of the bullpen in the postseason. Price, Garza and Niemann are the 3 starters IMO.
    I was a 20 year Yankees fan (second year Rays fan), but damn, this Rays team is FUN to root for!

  6. He does appear to be the real deal. Love the way he mixes up his pitches and keeps the hitters off balance. That changeup is a work of art.

  7. Don says:

    No reason to put Hellboy in bullpen, He is NOT a reliever...
    Shields would be a good relief pitcher for 2-3 innings..then hitters catch up to him...and home run derby starts...but he could be pulled before that....makes probably won't happen!


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