Stop Joe if you heard this before:

* James “No Game” Shields gives up a long ball (damned near two).

* The Rays offense is slightly less productive than Father Dungy’s putrid offense with the Bucs.

* With runners in scoring position, the Rays wilt like an ice cream cone on an August Florida afternoon.

* The Rays stunk the Fruitdome up on a Friday night (but hey, the Village People are here!)

Of course Joe watched the game tonight, a three-hitter by Baltimore, with the immortal Jeremy Guthrie holding the Rays to two hits — TWO! But given this was a Friday night Joe had a strong hunch what would happen and the Rays didn’t disappoint.

Even when Felix Pie tried to play matador with a routine can of corn to left giving the Rays runners at the corners, the Rays couldn’t take advantage.

Joe doesn’t know what is more frustrating: the fact scrub pitchers tie the Rays’ bats up in knots, or that the team is simply allergic to Friday nights.

Maybe these guys need a collective slumpbuster prior to Friday night games?



  1. It's quite disappointing that we have so many games where the bats are non-existent. I know Cormier gave up the homerun to Scott. I don't think Shields gave one up tonight, did he?

    Doesn't matter though when we get 3 hits and no runs. Hellickson couldn't have won this one.

  2. Gatorbuc15 says:

    It's getting pretty depressing now. We can't even hit Oreo pitching. We really need a bat BAD! But, I don't see that happening any time soon. The Rays better wake up before they end up behind the sox. Or, maybe they'd rather watch the playoffs instead of playing in them.

  3. Tone says:

    Yup, another terrible pitcher shuts the Rays down and makes it look easy. I am a fan, but it looks very unlikely that they make the playoffs without some sort of shake up. Zobrist looks terrible(has much of this season). Keeping him at the two spot would be a mistake. I am for a major change. Why can't they just bring up Jennings and Anderson now, they can't do any worse. I would bench Zobrist, Upton, and only use them if and when they start to find some sort of offensive capability. Sick of watching them eat shit EVERY fucking game. This team is killing my love for baseball right now. And the local media does not ask any questions, just lets Joe say an insane amount of bullshit. I want some action and real candor from this organization, they seem to have contempt for their fanbase. I lived in NYC and now live in Tokyo and I have been to 5 games this year. Show some respect to us. Do SOMETHING!!!! They just like to feed us bullshit and constantly push their stadium agenda. The Trop did not lose any games for them, it helped them go to the World Series where they choked offensively like they have been choking for over 2 months. Even in wins they strand like a billion men on base, PATHETIC!!!.. Anyone else getting sick of the status quoe, the same one that killed last season. MAKE A FUCKING CHANGE!!! It is not working. Playoffs are good for making money.

    • Jason W says:

      Guthrie is not terrible, he is actually a good pitcher. But he is not as good as the Rays made him look. And Jennings is not ready in the org.'s eye, they said so recently so I doubt we see him. Now Anderson we will probaly see him in September. And then lets say you bench Upton and Zobrist, who replaces them and what if those replacements are worse than them? Then what? I am frustrated too with this team, but there isnt much you can do to change them now, and if there was, the org. has shown no signs of doing it.

      • Tone says:

        Sorry, but he(Guthrie) is terrible. And I have seen both the Yanks and Rays tear him up plenty of times. And the fact that the organization does nothing(just like last year) frustrates me to no end. And you can bench Upton by putting in the called up Jennings, You can bench Zobrist and put in S-Rod/Briggy. DH Johnson till Pena comes back while having Anderson play 1st(this SHOULD have been done a week ago), Anderson can also DH if he does well when Pena comes back. Aybar, Zobrist, Upton, and Kapler are dead weight right now. They are all so bad right now that it is impossible for any one to do worse. And why not just leave CC and Longo in their 2 and 3 spots? Line up changes are not working, yet this seems to be the ONLY thing these jerk offs are willing to do. Players have been vocal of their discontent with constantly shifting line ups. Show some balls and real leadership for this offense. Maddon and the front office/ownership are wasting this so-called all in year.

  4. James says:

    What makes it worse for me is that Guthrie said that he didn't really have a feel for his pitches tonight yet he still 2 hit the Rays over 6 innings. I would understand if he was really feeling it and threw a great game and had the same outcome but that is just not what happened. It was the Rays beating the Rays again. This was only the Orioles 2nd shutout of the year!

  5. Brad Davis says:

    And yet the hitting coach still has a job. Need proof this guy sucks just look what that piece of sh** Burrell is doing now.

  6. I don't agree that the hitting coach has anything to do with this. That's fine with they want to fire him, but these guys are professionals. He's not the one up there swinging at breaking balls in the dirt and taking third strikes. I can guarantee you, he never told them to not swing at a third strike right down the middle. I played D 1 college ball and I can tell you that when it comes down to it and you're at the plate, you are thinking about one thing and one thing only and that's hitting the piss out of the ball. Sure you need to move runners over and hit fly balls on occasion but this comes down to the players sacking up and getting the job done. These guys are old enough and experienced enough to know how to hit. Do you think if we fire the coach tomorrow we are going to magically start hitting? NO!

  7. Don says:

    Look NEW attitude....
    If the Rays don't start hitting....there is going to be no playoffs this year
    What's it cost me...basically nothing...a shorter season..
    What's it COST them....owners...millions...coaches...losted jobs..players loss of salary and jobs...
    SO who are the big won't be my job or money!


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